Just put out a small fire

I put a beef roast in the oven 30 minutes earlier. I smelled something burning. I assumed it was the microwave because just a few minutes before I had accidentally turned it on with nothing in it. Obviously you can wreck your microwave that way, it should never be turned on when empty. And it gave off a weird burning smell.

But I got up to double check the roast. I opened the oven door and the roast and the baking pan it was in was on fire!! Flames were licking the roof of the oven. I told myself to stay calm. I got a potholder and grabbed the pan and set it on the oven door with it still on fire.Then I went to my storage closet and got the baking soda and poured it all over the flames. It worked, the fire went out!! It wrecked my roast but at least the kitchen didn’t catch on fire. Scary stuff.


so sorry get careful next time…

Never put water on a grease fire.


Thanks nick…15

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Good thinking with the baking soda. Glad I read this, now I’ll know what to do if it happens, besides freak out.

Glad it ended well. You did good!
I didn`t know about the baking soda thing.

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wow, that is scary. I admire you for being able to afford roast…you eat very well from what I see you posting what you eat. wow. my hero.

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When I was a kid I wanted to watch butter melt so I put a tiny bit on a heated sheet metal we had and it caught fire. I ran to the living room and saw my uncle rush with a towel to take care of the flames. I’m afraid one day I’ll leave a cigarette lit and my place will catch fire so I’m extra cautious with that. :open_mouth:

This reminds me. I need to get smoke detectors put in.

Thanks for sharing your harrowing story.