Just one week is all I ask


I need a week without anything up. Just sleep and eat and watch Netflix and food network and hockey. I’m so tired. My body hurts and my brain feels like mushy peas (I have no idea what that is but it fit).


I need that only for the rest of my life and beyond.


I feel the same with school, my schizophrenia is acting up bad


I spent 3.5 out of 5 of my high school years unwell. It really helps if you tell your teachers that you have stuff going on. I went into specifics, but you don’t have to. Just explain to them that you’re doing the best job you can with the situation that you’re in. Are you in any AP or IB classes?


I don’t know what ap or ib is but I might tell my teachers, I’m just a lil paranoid


Yeah, I get that. There are some teachers that I didn’t know if I could trust, but honestly it was getting to a point where I had to say something. One day after telling my calculus teacher, I had voices saying that someone was going to kill me, and I thought it was because she told someone so I confronted her (don’t ever do that). Maybe talk to a counsellor about it and they can help you plan how you’re going to work things out in your classes. AP and IB are supposed to be more advanced classes. They can get you both college and high school credit depending on the college. If you’re up for one, I recommend AP Psych. I didn’t study a lick for that class and still got a 4 (out of 5) on the test.


I probably will tell now, and no I’m not in any advanced classes. I just hope they don’t do anything too drastic though I’m sure they know something is up. I used to be catatonic before I found my right med combo. And I would talk to my voices out loud


Yeah, they probably do know something’s up if you were going catatonic and talking to your voices out loud. It’s okay though. You’re a junior, right? You have fewer than 2 years left and then it’s over.


Mushy peas are boiled peas mashed like potatoes, but with chunks of pea left in them. They usually have butter and mint. It sounds nasty, but it’s actually quite good! I know that wasn’t the topic of this discussion, but sometimes a distraction helps me.


How is school for you @John_Raven? I am going as an adult but am strangely awkward, I also have people watching me from inside and constantly judging me.


School is probably the hardest thing I have to endure other than my psychotic episode. But I’ll manage, are you in high school or college?


College for personal growth, but feel out of place, feel people are watching and listening to intrusive thoughts, I always hear their comments.


I think that’s just thoght broadcasting, I have it too and yeah it sucks to always be thinking people are listening to me.


Black-eyed peas get mushy when you cook them. Yankees and Californians don’t know about crowder peas.


@John_Raven AP = advanced placement. IB = international baccalaureate- it transfers internationally in select colleges. The IB courses have a broader world view to them, or at least they’re supposed to


Oh thanks 151515