Just me by myself for a few days

just me now. mom and dad (my neighbors) went to Colorado to both visit my other sister and go on a ski trip with their grandkids…

my niece and nephews are starting to get older. my niece will be in college in a couple years.

they deserve a vacation, they get good grades and are really well behaved. when they were younger I used to encourage them to play sports, but now I just drop seeds about going to college or for my nephews to consider a well paying trade. my niece wants to go to med school. who knows? maybe she’ll be able to. I just hope she stays close to home.

anyways i’ll be all alone for 8 days, my friends wedding is this Saturday, so i’ll do that and then I get my monthly Invega shot on the 28th. my case worker is taking me to get my shot since mom and dad are out of town, I told her I don’t like to drive in the city. just here in town. the hospital is about 15 miles away, it’s a quick 20-30 minute drive.

o and it’s raining, so no digging in the dirt today.


Why didn’t you go with them? Because of the wedding and your meds?

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well yeah I was invited…but didn’t really want to freeload.

it’s important to me that I go to my friends wedding because I want to be a good friend and he is the only friend I have in town. also I told my sister that the weather is starting to warm up and I didn’t want to extend my winter with a ski trip in Colorado.

also it’s kind of nerve wracking riding in a car with my brother and dad for a long road trip. they both drive kind of fast to try to make good time. I just felt it would be better to stay home.

I could of rescheduled the meds shot with my nurse but after considering everything I decided to stay.

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I told my sister if she goes to florida next spring break i’ll go with them. she mentioned she might go to costa rica. I’m not going to leave the country so if that’s their choice, i’ll stay behind again. it’s no big deal, I got things to do to occupy myself most days. I just appreciate them inviting me. we spend plenty of time together. I see them at least once a week most of the year.

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