Just kill me already

I can’t go outside. Someone is always yelling at me. Just ■■■■■■■ do it you ■■■■■■■.


I don’t want to care anymore.

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Who and why is yelling at you?
What do you mean?

Hope you feel better.

Where are you from

I don’t know anymore. I thought I could ignore people. People yelling.

Texas. 566323566777654

Hope you feel better Roxanna. You are one of a kind, don’t let the world bring you down. Try and do something you love to gice your mind some rest :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yelling what?
In your head or outside like real people or what who?
And maaaan you are in faking texas
Thats amazing i would like to see that since i was child but i only saw it on google maps… who knows maybe one day i will see it

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And what are these numbers?

Yelling cuss words at me. Etc. I want to shove a pencil in my ear.

Becouse of what?

Fifteen character s to post

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I don’t know. Lol

I’m sorry I’m laughing/crying hold on.

I have to go find that song.

So if you didnt do anything or if you did and they are yelling so they are literally stressing themselfs because of nothing
Why would you stress yourself becouse someone is stressing himself because of nothing… It doesnt make sense at all honestly
You have your iner peace and you gonna let someone make you ruin it… Dont do that
For exeple today at work i almost started crying because my boss was agressive a bit becouse it was crowded but then i realised why should i do that to my self i am gonna relaxm my self and somehow i started to do everything more peacefully and my boss started to be like that…
Be smarter and something more then stressfull people
And btw once again you are in texas enjoy there someone doesnt know but wants to know how it is there

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Texas is beautiful. A lot good things here. Food is good.

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Stay strong Roxanna you a special person

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roxanna when do you see the pdoc again? your meds aren’t working…you are still very ill I believe. please call your psychiatrist.