Just had a fit left apt

Woke my dad up.upstairs neighbors following me again. I may havetogo to crisis center tomorrow.its dark out now.took two klonopin. Its not getting any better.

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I’m gonna have to leave apt tomorrow. I’m thinking of not coming back.circle of ■■■■

I don’t have the mindset to live here

Get help. Go to emgancy. You need some help. Are you on medications ? Are you taking them?

You sound in crisis from some serious paranoia. That sux and you need some help!

Please. Go to emrgancy.

I’m new t walking in the datrk

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Your not doing yourself any favours. It’s ok to ask for help. Please. Ring the ambulance or the crisis line.

You need help and your suffering! Do it now!

Suffering from what

This would be my third trip there.do you think they will help

Look…I’m no doctor but your posts scream paranoia. Nobody is out to get you…I’d suspect you need to go say hi to the crisis team

Don’t make someone’s experience seem more than what it is.

Are you talking about me?

@roxanna. Is it a safe neighborhood to be walking at night? It must be pretty late there. I’m thinking it’s probably safer to either go to the ER or go back home, or can you call your dad to come get you?

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Try to get a grip and rationalize things. Don’t blow things out of proportion

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That’s a good thing to to do. I meditated for a while took my meds and went to sleep.

I’m leaving the apt soon see how this goes