Just got scammed

It is so obvious now that I’m almost chuckling from my stupidity. But this might cause me a lot of trouble. AND some money. OK, my current film class requires me to watch two movies per week. For this weeks film it is to late to get it from Netflix and I found it on YouTube but it keeps freezing. So I found an other ‘service’ that claims to have the film I need. It claimed I could have a 5-day free trial with their service. BUT…here’s my stupidity. When I registered they asked for my name and a password, AND my credit card number. A bell went of in my head. If it’s free, why are they asking for my number? Well, the site explained that I would not be charged but it made it easier for them if I wanted to turn my ‘free’ membership into a paying one. Obviously suspicious right? But I need the film so much because I need it to get an ‘A’ in my class. If I even miss one point my grade goes down to a ‘B’ . I let my desperation to get an "A’ cloud my better judgement. At this point I was suspicious about these guys but not positive anything was wrong. Until I hit a link that listed reviews of this company and 80% of the reviews told stories about how this company ripped them off. I could kick myself. Stories about charging credit cards and not getting anything in return. and reviews that said they called the company and got rude people who would not give straight answers. And hidden fees, innocuously deducted from credit cards for months, even after people cancelled. 80% of the reviews said they were scammed. So now they have my credit card number and I might be in big trouble. I’m usually pretty good at sniffing out online scams, I’ve run into dozens over the years. But I fell for this. Damn.

that really sucks are you not able to cancel your credit card ? peoples’ credit cards get lost and stolen all the time .
take care

Yes, this is what I’ll do.

I just cancelled my current credit card and they are going to mail me a new one.The woman from customer service told me that the fraudulent company already charged me! She told me to dispute the charges and that while it is under dispute I do not have to pay any of the charges. Thanks guys.


I am so sorry that happened to you. I’m sorry you got charged. I’m glad you caught it early. I hope this gets cleared up for you quickly with little headache.

That sounds like something I would have done. And I would have immediately canceled my credit card in a panic after reading the reviews. I would be mad about that for a long time after. Lying, thieving, A-holes!

I have a credit card that I had them put only a $200 limit on that I use for online stuff so I can only get so ripped off. Just an idea.

My kid sis just told me about something called a Shop Safe card. You set up a one use temporary card over the internet through your actual bank and can put as little as 5 bucks on it. It is not connected to your normal card. It’s a bank issues an online one use card. She says that what she uses when dealing with new sites she doesn’t trust. She says it only takes about 3 minutes to set up online and the bank will cancel it when it’s been used.

We use Bank of America and she says she had good luck with thwarting scams. Might be something to look into.

Thanks surprised, I will remember that.

In sweden we have a site with free movies. You just have to register.

We connect my computer to our tv and watch. But the quality is no good, but if that’s no problem and you can stand having swedis subs, try it. :slight_smile: