Bad experiences with online billing

hi, i have had 3 bad experiences with online dating in the last month :money_with_wings:

i had signed up for what i thought was a one off payment but they were recurring bills taken straight out of my bank account, i have lost over £120 and now i dont think i will get it back :cry:

two of them were dating websites and now i am not dating anyone, i have been taken for a ride, taken for granted, used and abused, bled dry,

i hope i can get my money back :cry:

so i wanted to warn people of doing anything like that online, do not use your :credit_card: online, thats all i am saying :frowning: i have been burned.

Have you tried the online dating site for people with mental illness? :sunny:

ooops. That site is actually called

I don’t have to guts to do this online. I just don’t. I have more luck finding friends lately. Relax and look for friends. A lot of sites are just to rip off the money.

As far as Online billing… my kid sis, the queen of Amazon says that many multi-national banks have something called a “Shop Safe” program where you can set up a One use, set amount credit card number that is not connected to your actual account. You put the amount on your shop safe card and that is ALL they can get.

She says it takes about 5 minutes to set one up, you can have more then one going at a time. It’s prepaid to the specific number and you designate which business can use it.

So if some fake businesses brother in law tries to use the number… no dice.

Look into Pre-paid one use credit cards or the “Shop Safe” program run through the bank. Bank of America advertises this program a lot. I couldn’t imagine the U.K not also having a similar program.