Just got off the phone with my prescriber

Don’t know what a prescriber is… it’s what they call them at the local community mental health place… but she prescribes me my meds…

Anyways, hadn’t talked to her since June or July… she said it sounds like I am handling the pregnancy pretty well, even compared to a “normal” person… she didn’t word it like that but you get the idea. She sounded surprised I was handling it so well. I honestly haven’t had sz symptoms in awhile now…


I’m happy for you that you’re not having symptoms. You’re so lucky!

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Thanks a bunch @ZmaGal

I guess you could say I still have a little paranoia about jinxing myself…

But that may be more of a superstition, idk lol

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Lol! I totally get it. But it’s ok to be really happy about it :slight_smile:

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I’m happy for you @Human
This is wonderful news!

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Thank you so much, Wave🥰


Hope you’re doing well

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That’s great to hear. Perhaps all the hormonal and physiological changes (including your brain) due to the pregnancy are having some kind of positive effect on you. Maybe if you’re lucky that will continue to be the case after you give birth.

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Yeah, I was almost wondering that myself…

If the hormonal changes were actually having a positive effect on me… :thinking:

And yes hopefully it’ll continue after labor!


I read awhile back (who knows if it’s true) that women who have sz have better outcomes partially because of the hormone estrogen… don’t quote me tho! Lol

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It’s not until after you’ve given birth they really worry. That’s when all the hormones plumit.


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