Just got my invega sustenna shot 117mg

Actually @Aziz , I believe Abilify caused my losses of approximately $500000 CAD. The losses resulted from bad financial financial decisions and trading.

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Did you switch again to Abilify like you said?
No other med improved my negative symptoms of sz…

Auditory hallucinations

Yes @Aziz. Here is my history. Olanzapine to Abilify (weight gain), Abilify to Risperidone (excessive risk taking and impulsive behaviour), Risperidone to a very low dose of 50/50 Abilify/Risperidone (severe negative symptoms). I guess he thought the severe negative symptoms were worse for me than the risk taking since all my money was gone. I don’t know what rationale my psychiatrist relies upon when making his decisions but I trust his professionalism and sense of duty of care. There’s always complex outcomes from the use of anti-psychotics and sometimes lose-lose tradeoffs. Now that I’m on the lowest possible dose of risperidone I feel that my negative symptoms have improved somewhat but that may also be partly a result of my blood sugar becoming better managed as a result of my Metformin dosage having been doubled.

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My psychiatrist now refuses to prescribe Abilify or Rexulti. We think its side effects are more dangerous than negative symptoms because they are more life threatening. It might be different for you thought as Abilify made me get into illegal behaviors related to sex and drugs.

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Abilify changed my personality, it made me a bad person and have bad drug addicts friends. Now I got rid and blocked them all.

Walk a lot. It lifts your mood and clears the “rocks” (mental blocks) out of your head.

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Sounds like valid thinking to me @Aziz . My excessive risk taking period (which I think was caused by Abilify) basically wiped me out financially and I went from having an investment portfolio worth $750000 plus other assets to bankruptcy in 6 years. I’ve been clawing my way back from bankruptcy and I’m now paying off all my debts but it sure has been a struggle. I believe Abilify changed my life for the worse. I wish I wasn’t on an Abilify right now at all but that is what my psychiatrist has me on. I’ve asked him to change me from the 50/50 risperidone/Abilify mix he has me on to something else but this last time I asked a few weeks ago he refused. I’m dependent on him to renew my prescriptions so I have to do what he says. My only other option is to stop taking my meds which I don’t want to do or get another psychiatrist which is very difficult to do around here. Basically I like and trust him but on this issue we have a difference of opinion.

Did you tell him about your gambling issues and about the FDA and Health Canada Abilify warning about gambling, addiction and hypersexuality issues? Change your psychiatrist if he refuses to stop Abilify.

I would walk more but I have nerve damage in the nerve that controls my left leg and I’m severely fatigued after about 200 - 300 ft of walking. I’m kind of trapped in a way. But still a very good suggestion!

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At first I thought my addiction issues were from sz but after stopping meds (Abilify) for a year, I was myself, no impulsions or addictions or hypersexuality. Its shortly after that that I was sure its the Abilify after reading the FDA and Health Canada warnings about Abilify. I told my psychiatrist and he said its possible so he stopped Abilify.

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Yes @Aziz he knows about the extreme risk taking but I don’t know about the FDA and Health Canada warning on Abilify… He said the very low dose is nothing to worry about.

You have good insight on this.

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There’s a supplement making the rounds here that is good for nerve damage (raises nerve growth factor,) and positive symptoms.

This one:

Particularly check out post 3.

May catch your interest.

Mine said the opposite, that even the lowest dose can cause side effects and I took 5mg for 2 days, I felt I wasn’t myself and felt hypersexual.
I stopped it on my own but I was taking Risperdal at the same time.

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You need to feel the moment where Abilify changes you, my feeling was a fast rush of risky and sexual thoughts.

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For me it was looking at the potential returns of a financial transaction without any consideration of financial risk and the implications on my life if I lost my entire investment put up for a trade under consideration. I did this on Abilify despite having an MBA degree from a top ranked Canadian University, having been a licensed broker / trader, having been the founder, CEO and CTO of one of the world’s leading financial risk management systems companies and having a lot of knowledge about derivatives and the markets. On Abilify my professional judgement was just shot.

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Chemicals are too powerful and can change who we are.

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Absolutely the most profound statement I’ve heard in a long time @Aziz!

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Hey @Aziz, it’s costs you nothing to join this Class Action law suit in Canada.


For other forum members there is a similar Abilify Class Action law suit in the US.

This link summarizes the litigation history in the US.