Just got my invega sustenna shot 117mg

I’m so down. My emotions are all over the place and severely suicidal… I’m at with end… I’ve read so much bad about invega sustenna… but this is my last option and my pdoc says she see alot of success with it as well as less relapse…all I yearn and pray for is a sound mind…


Invega really needs antidepressant with it. I’m on 40mg of Prozac with Invega 234mg.

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I’m on 117mg invega it really gets rid of the positive symptoms

Invega was extremely good at knocking the delusions out of me. So, from that standpoint, I’d say it’s a good drug. I just couldn’t stand how it made me feel so I had to get off it and switch to Aripiprazole (abilify). Hopefully it works for you however.

What positive did you have? Do you have disorganized or cross over thinking?

How did it make you feel?

I also heard it’s like a lobotomy

It made me feel “blah”. Unable to enjoy anything. Extreme anhedonia. Also spacey and slow mentally.

The Anhedonia might be partially the Sz though. But like I said, I’m feeling better after switching recently so…

Trying it out isnt the end of the world though. You can always switch to another AP if it doesnt work for you.


I have intrusive/OCD thoughts and I have auditory hallucinations I still get intrusive thoughts but my hallucinations are mostly gone

Abilify is the best for negatives my psychiatrist told me. It improved my negatives but had to stop it due to worse issues than negatives, addiction and hypersexuality issues, I lost 100 000$ in gambling with bitcoin, casino, compulsive shopping, etc No more addictions and hypersexuality after I stopped it. My psychiatrist agreed that this was caused by Abilify. I am on Risperdal 4mg.

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Yeah, I’ve heard you mention that before. I’m hoping I don’t have the gambling and addiction issues. All I can do is wait and see. For now, its making me feel better so I’m happy with it so far.

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For me it started a couple of weeks after taking it.
@Unclehenry has lost over 500 000$ from Abilify addictions and gambling :hushed:

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Drug addiction? In what duration of time did you lose this 500k?

If this is a true story, then you have a huge lawsuit against abilify…Can you po rove these #s with receipts or video footage @ casinos? Script paperwork of timefrane matches these transactions? I can refer you to a great lawyer that helped me with mine against abilify!

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I dont have the upfront monies$ to proceed with the case but if you do and you win, you could help me out for the referral. Depending on #s she could do it on a non contingency down! That’s if it’s a clean clear cut and it’s really 500k like you state… sorry I’m just having trouble believing its 500k…

You cant go in there saying the other addictions as that would disqualify the case fyi

Yeah I’ve heard it causes major depression… it can also cause SI suicidal ideation I have read

I had my 250mg haldol shot 15 days ago, and yet I have symptoms and an episode lasting one week

Its another user here who said he lost 500 000$, I lost 100 000$, mostly gambled with Bitcoin cryptocurrency so no receipts. Compulsive shopping I still have some receipts but I am broke now and have no money for a lawyer. Also I am not cognitively competent enough for a lawsuit.