Just got diagnosis. Any helpful info appreciated!

Just got diagnosis of sz (hopefully using that right) if not let me know. I’m kind of lost with where to start. The doc didn’t go the greatest job giving me the news. Thought I would try to be proactive and get some deeper understanding so I came to the source. Any helpful info would be appreciated. Thanks


take medications regularly. life will be tough

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It doesn´t mean it will be tough raghu.It depends. What medications do you take awol, do you still have symptoms?

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@Mmister. i lack motivation.i want emotions. i want to hit the gym again. what to do i feel bad

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Still have pesecutory delusions and hearing voices not as severe as it was but I’m on risperidone 8mg and paroxetine 40mg

How long are you on the meds now awol? They do take some time to work.

@anon19234026 ask a pdoc? My motivation used to be bad too. It is alright now.

Paroxetine just upped dosage and risperidone been on 8 for about a month at this dosage

@anon19234026 u stay in India or US?

Hey @Awol
Welcome to the forum. Keep family and friends in the loop. You will need their support. Also dont have too much stress. Ttys.


I to am on risperidone though I’m up to 5 mg.

I’m not sure if risperidone is for me but I have to give the benefit of some time. Is it working for you?

Besides being extremely tired all the time yeah it’s working pretty well so far but my meds have just been upped so if I can’t find the right amount I might have to switch so I’m still trying to get this right myself.

Doctors know what’s best when it comes to the medication,I’d listen to everything they say. Be hopeful and trust in the lord,he will guide your every move.

I live in india

Welcome @Awol.

My words to you are listen to your pdoc not your voices, make a crisis plan, meds are very often the link between illness and being able to work/join society.

Also I’d say stay on this site, it’s the best english speaking forum for schizophrenia I’ve stumbled over. Everyone is supportive and posts are answered at a very high rate compared to other forums I’ve seen.

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Buy surviving schizophrenia 6th edition and read it, it’s cheap

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Hey, welcome!
When I first got diagnosed my doctor was very cool about it. Then I got a second diagnosis from a doctor that wasn’t as cool about it, she said it in an almost prejorative way. It was hard, but I overcame this.

My advice is don’t stigmatize yourself. We’re normal people with an illness, but we’re just people like everybody else.


Thanks. It’s strange as I haven’t changed since getting my diagnosis. Yet I feel different!

Yeah, me too. Like I became this different person… it’s weird.

I can only think it’s someone putting a lael on what I only know as being me