Just got cod cold war installiing now cant wait

i bought xbox series x version didnt realize it also works on xbox one too, im excited to play. omg hopefully its good.


did you buy the series x console.

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i couldnt it was sold out everywhere hopefully i can get on christmas day.

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yeah im the same.im trying to get ps5,they sold out here as well.


its crazy, right. its alright they will restock soon or later, we will get one man. dont worry.

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i download 5 updates its going to be awhile until i can play lol. omg so excited though.

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can i ask you something

sure what is it.

does your medication make you not interested in video games.you seem excited.my medication makes me too tired.i mean i dont enjoy anything much.thats why i go off my medication.i dont like it i hate it.i take amulspride BTW

not really, im just the opposite in really excited about my games before i was medicated i was depress and very unmotivated, now im energetic and excited. I want keep it that way. so yes im happy man.

Played the zombies today. Its hard but fun.

can i ask what you what medication u take cause im thinking of telling my doctor to change.im not happy at moment with the with the medication i take

geodon but im having heart problems with it, going to change it with abilify or latuda.

really cant wait to try out zombies.

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