Do you like video games?

I used to love video games but ever since invega I’m too apathetic and unmotivated to enjoy them… I usually watch streamers such as Asmongold to get my gaming fix but I’d really like to enjoy them again and care about my character. I switched to Abilify maintena 200mg 7 months ago from invega trinza so I’m hoping that in a year or so I start getting enjoyment from them again… do you like video games? If so which med are you on? And what video games do you play? I was a big world of Warcraft guy…

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I kinda want to stream. Maybe when my health resolves.


Same here! If my health resolves I’ll definitely be doing that too…


I don’t game nearly as much as I use too. I am keeping an eye on New World by Amazon, its an upcoming MMORPG, I might play it.


Same here… I love mmos hopefully I’ll be a little less apathetic when it comes out…


Love them! i am taking risperidone, lately i have been playing Mortal Kombat 11 i dont play as much as before but thats maybe because i dont have my own TV for my console for now.

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I skip anything more complicated than Pong.

I started Classic WoW when it launched with a rogue, got in a guild, got a core hound tooth, then my guild cut half the rogues before I could get my Perdition’s Blade so I quit the game entirely.

I’m playing Sea of Thieves and Magic the Gathering: Arena lately. I’m doing pretty well with my blue/red deck.

I don’t get as much enjoyment out of them as I used to but they are still my main hobby and I still get a certain level of enjoyment from it.

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I sometimes don’t play games for weeks. And if I play it is mostly now under an hour or just fifteen to thirty minutes. In fact I haven’t currently build up my Tv and XBox Series S.

But I still tend to invest some money into gaming. I’m not fully capable of enjoying the games for longer periods, but I still didn’t quit it completly.

I haven’t played since childhood

I wasted so much money in the arcade playing the original mortal kombat back in the day. I loved playing as subzero. And Street Fighter II as Guile.

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I was newly diagnosed and in the mental hospital when WoW launched. I was allowed to go home on weekends so I played a lot then. It was fun but I lost interest after the 2nd expansion. Haven’t played in years.


I’m on Invega and have lost interest it things.
Based on what your saying; I’ll keep a watch on that part.

I used to play EverQuest and World of Warcraft.

If I was to play a game now it would be Counter-Strike.

i used to play EVE Online all the time for a couple years.

I play PC video games everyday.

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I havent gamed on years.
Dont think ill start again but i think about it sometimes.

I can’t play video games either…the symptom of lack of motivation/interest has stopped me from playing. I’m on 200MG amisulpride.

I even run a popular video game website, sucks to be me.

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