Is anyone getting xbox series x

I cant get a hold of one, everywhere its sold out im sad :frowning: Hopefully i get one at launch november 10. Im so excited im xbox fan, halo fan too. gears fan. Its going to be awesome with new graphics card and power. And call of duty cold war coming out nov 13 man its going to be a great year.


I’m honestly hoping to get a ps5 but unfortunately it’s hard to get a hold of :pensive:

I just bought a 65inch qled tv for the new series x but that wont be paid off until march next year I can wait.

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I played it this morning on PC. Awesome graphics at 4K max ultra graphics.

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nice, im excited for cold war when comes out.

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im thinking of getting ps5

I got mine pre ordered through Best Buy on the 22nd of September when pre orders started. I’m also getting an extra controller, the memory card, and a few games. It was hard getting ahold of one, I had to watch the site carefully that day and do a fast order as soon as they became available.

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Out of my budget.

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I need (well…want) a new GPU for my computer. Eyeing the RTX 3070 but that’s gonna be a big purchase if I can even do it, which I probably won’t.

Oh I am just dying of anticipation. I want my new Series X! It eats me up that certain YouTubers already have them. Tomorrow my sound system arrives. Hopefully it won’t have any issues. I am working on the first Watch_Dogs game in the mean time.

Are you using a sound bar or a 5.1 system or 2.1 system for sound?

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I got the Sony HT-G700 sound bar. I almost got a 5.1 system but I’m in the living room of a small one bedroom apartment so an all-in-one sound bar seemed like a better idea. It can decode Dolby Atmos and DTS and allegedly simulate the effects of upward firing speakers. I read some really good reviews on it. I don’t really have the money or space for something with multiple speakers to work well for me, so this seemed like a good deal. It does come with a wireless sub which I’ll probably turn down to a low setting.

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Nice I have a jbl sound bar, honestly soundbars are more than enough, especially if you can run toslink or optical wire. I bet a sound bar and a sub will be epic. Oooh dolby atmos will be good for games and movies.

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I almost bought a JBL sound bar that had detachable speakers you could remove from the sides of the sound bar and put behind you. They had a 10 hour battery life. It didn’t support Atmos or DTS though so I went with the Sony. Still, it looked like a really cool sound bar.

This is a small room I’m in, and I think it’s easy to fill a room like this so full of sound that it doesn’t really matter what direction each individual portion of sound is coming from.

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Something that helped me was buying a couple foam sound treatment squares from eBay/amazon, I’m a low-key audio nerd, I have a basic refurbished jbl sound bar but I get decent sound, I think a nice sony sound bar with atmos will be great, although I dream of having a klipsch 5.1

And as for the original post, I thought about getting a series s, the series x will be great probably, I’m excited for halo infinite

Nope! Cant afford it.

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I’m looking at scooping a cheap PS4 from someone moving up to a PS5.


hopefully they restock soon, i want one on launch date.

I’m not getting the series X but I’m getting the PlayStation 5. I was lucky enough to be able to pre order it.