Just got a new toilet and I already clogged it

It’s supposed to flush seven billiard balls.


I’m at my wits end with this ■■■■!

You may need to drink more water and go more frequently so you have smaller poops. Use less toilet paper

I understand though. My one daughter clogs it every time with massive poops.

Flush more often after you wipe, use less toilet paper every flush. That works for me.

I drink a lot of water and use the least amount of toilet paper possible. I don’t know what else to do. I keep taking big toilet clogging poops. I’m gonna have to start going in the woods.


Well, try flushing after each poop. Drop one, flush. Repeat. Then flush before you wipe.

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Lol it happens, I also clog the toilet, it happens alot to me, I use too much tissue paper. Just use plunger thats all.

Why are you eating billiard balls? Maybe trying chewing them next time?


I think I just solved my toilet clogging problem: SMOOTHIES!!! I should only eat leafy greens and drink juices and smoothies and I should never clog toilets again! Why didn’t I think of this before???

I clog my toilet 75% of the time I go. I keep a plunger by the toilet.

Me too. Hopefully with my new diet I’m starting tomorrow I won’t need it anymore.

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