Just emailed my pdoc about getting tested for autism/Asperger's

I was wondering about those with autism here, how and when were you diagnosed? Is adult-onset autism a thing? I have VERY bad social struggles, and a lot of my day is routine-based. I know those don’t automatically qualify as autism, but I’d like to get tested to know one way or the other.

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Good luck with it!

No adult onset is not right for ASD

The waiting list here in England is over 2 years…

I got seen much quicker, as I was doing psychology when they asked for it to be done

No Adult on-set isn’t a thing. Its starts in childhood.

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services for ASD aren’t that good in England.

I’d say my symptoms for autism maybe started in high school, that I’m just now piecing together. Or it could have been the start of my prodromal phase of sz. I’m not sure :grimacing: which is why I’d like to get tested

When I was tested they were asking the most ages 0-5 years.

My mother told them everything

You may have noticed it in high school, but it would have always been there if you have it

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it’s more common for girls to mask their symptoms during childhood and they are under-diagnosed.

The main reason I’m even asking is because I believe my 60 year old uncle is autistic, and he’s never been diagnosed. He’s deaf, so it’s very hard to communicate with him, but he fits all the symptoms of someone on the spectrum.

I just don’t wanna be 60 and then have to deal with it, like he is.

I referred myself to a specialist at 23 and was assessed and diagnosed. It’s a pretty easy process just expensive.

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Diagnosed or not you will deal with it - there is no treatment out there

My assessment was the biggest waste of time ever…

There was no support put in place, and everyone sees the SZ first and then the ASD second

I hate that I was even told I had it, as I was doing ok without that knowledge


tt took moving and coming under a more intelligent and open minded pdoc/mental health team for me to get the assessment and then diagnosis. I was 62. If my previous mental health team had been competent it would have been several decades earlier.

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I just want some closure/explanation for my severe social struggles. If I don’t have autism, that’s fine, but I think I fall on the spectrum somewhere.

Thanks for your reply, @Moon

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That’s fair enough

I wasn’t even really aware that there was much of a problem until they pulled at this thread.

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@Tulane Do you think its not related to your SZ tendency for social isolation? Just want to know if you feel your severe social struggle is not related to your SZ.

It very well could be @Kxev. My old case manager said some symptoms of sz and autism are very hard to differentiate. Idk, I feel like I’m a social mess and have a severe time at reading social cues.

Yeah, I can understand. Maybe PRN meds can help you relax around people.

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You can get tested but there’s not much they can do for adults diagnosed with Autism late in the game.

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Was diagnosed later as an adult, after my SZ diagnosis. Would have been helpful as a kid as I struggled in grade school.