Getting tested for Autism sometime in the near future

Before I started seeing therapists and psychiatrists, there was an article in the paper about a man who was diagnosed with adult onset autism. There was a link to an online evaluation to see if you had symptoms of it, so I tried it. Got a 40 out of 40. Tried other online tests, same thing happened. Now a state run organization that helps people with disabilities is going to get me tested for Autism to help me find a job that I’ll be able to keep for longer than 4 months. Took 4 years to get to this point.


I didn’t know there is such a thing as adult onset autism. I asked my psychiatrist yesterday, he says I show signs of autism.

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@Iseeweirdshit Do you have the link to that article/the online evaluation ?

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I scored 35 on the Asperger’s test… According to that site, the criteria for Asperger’s is a score greater than 32.
Does this mean I should get tested?

I’ve heard symptoms of schizophrenia and mild autism sometimes overlap a little, is that true?

I got a 42 on the AQ test.

Is there any point in actually being tested officially?

Im trying to help my son. How do you get tested? What is the name of the test? Some people have suggested perhaps he is autistic. I was wondering if he could be that instead of schizo. Also he seems to be very OCD.

Do you have schizophrenia?

There’s a family forum for caregivers.

Dealing with autism - adult Asperger’s test

First Name TJ Gatty
Score Obtained 1450 out of 2550 (57%)
Asperger’s Quotient Scorecard Fairly Prominent Asperger’s Symptoms

You exhibit some fairly moderate to strong Asperger’s Symptoms. When it comes to Cognitive, behavioral and communication skills, you seem to be quite lacking in some of these areas compared to other adults. It is quite likely that you may have (or already had) relationship problems that are typical to people exhibiting your category of symptoms.

37 on the AQ test.

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