Just diagnosed - Latuda

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 6 months ago. I knew something wasn’t right with me but I believe the lack of insight caused me to not know or even have the words to describe what I was experiencing my whole life.

I have never tried any medication this is the first time I’m seeing a psychiatrist and he highly recommends Latuda.

I’m scared. I’ve seen so many videos and read so many posts about people going through nightmares trying different medicines and all of the side effects.

I’m not suffering greatly from positive symptoms or rather I’m not tormented by voices. I have mostly delusions, odd thinking, voices but only under extreme stress or being alone. Actually it’s the negative symptoms and the anxiety that are the worst symptoms and delusions. Lack of will to shower, go places or feel motivation keeps me pretty isolated.

Wondering if anyone has any advice about medicine about Latuda and yea I’m just really scared to try it. I’m scared i’ll be that one in 1 million person to get severe tremors or dyskinesia or something. But then again I’ve heard that some people only need a little bit of antipsychotic and it really opens up their world and helps.

I have the meds sitting here every night I want to feel better but I’m scared.


6 months is a long time, why aren’t you taking it?

Every person has been thru meds with side effects. I had some I couldn’t even drive a car.

Everyone has their favourite med, that works for them. Maybe your is Latuda.
If you get side effects tell your doctor.
They mostly go away.

Latuda in most people cause insomnia and anxiety

I take Latuda. It keeps me functional and I have barely any side effects. I do have to take low dose seroquel though because on latuda only I sleep about 3 to 4 hours

Thank you very much. I think I haven’t started meds yet because of the possible side effects. I’m a person who doesn’t drink, smoke or even take Tylenol so to go from that to serious antipsychotics is scary. I also read that meds really only help with positive symptoms which mine are not too distressing. Voices I hear are like angels or spirit guides so I’m not in fear. But my thoughts get too deep into other worlds and delusions. Thank you again I appreciate all responses. Very shocking thinking I was just a weirdo with anxiety and to find out I’m schizophrenic.

I have yet to have problems sleeping on latuda. It made me drowsy but that is starting to go away. I had more anxiety on invega than I ever have on latuda. I’m already not as hungry on it and eating less.

My symptoms for awhile weren’t too severe. They got much much worse after awhile, and I wish I started medication earlier. Completely losing it is very painful. The meds are a blessing for most of us.

The best advice that I can give you is that you have to hang in there because with time things will get better. It might take time for you to find the right medications because it’s a trial and error process but I’m sure you will eventually find the right medication and be on the right doses. You have to work with your psychiatrist and explain him or her what you are feeling, the side effects and everything else in between.

Schizophrenia is a very tough illness to deal with but you just have to be even tougher. A lot of the times when the delusions go away and a person stabilises then comes the depression which is what happened to me. When I stabilised and came back to reality and developed insight I got hit with a very bad depression. I told my psychiatrist how I was feeling and she prescribed me Wellbutrin which helped a lot and with the negatives as well.

Another thing you should do is try to stay active and busy and keep your mind occupied because it will take your mind off of what you are dealing with. I know it’s not easy but do something and if you can try to work and get a job it will help you. Nothing too stressful.

Make sure you have a good support system. I still live with my parents and without there support I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now. I still contribute financially to help out but without there help I would have died by now or would be homeless.

If you can find a support group for schizophrenics in your area and go to it as much as you need to. If it’s a good moderator then you should get all the help you need, coping mechanisms, information about medication and a place to connect with others like you.

Keep your mind active and busy and by next year this time you will come out on the other side a little bit smarter and just a little bit stronger. Hang in there and good luck!! If you have any questions you can post on this website as well which is filled with a lot of amazing people who will guide you if you need to.

Another thing I wanted to add is that no matter what don’t stop taking your medications because more than likely you will relapse and it will be twice as hard to get back to where you were. Even if you are feeling good and life is going your way don’t stop taking your medications.


I’m on 120 mg of Latuda (the highest dose), and it works great for me. I have no side effects, and it really helps with my delusions and paranoia. I take vraylar to accompany the latuda, so my anxiety is relatively low (I have my days where it’s really bad, but it comes and goes). Overall, it’s a good med, in my opinion. And I’ve been on numerous other meds

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Do you get really sleepy after taking the Latuda? I get like really really tired at about 7:30 pm and feel like I’m about to pass out. My eyes get blurry and everything. I kinda hate it.

Latuda was a good med for me, for a while. You do have to eat 350 calories when you take it, though, for it to work properly. That was always frustrating to me.

For side effects, I had akathesia and tiredness right after taking it. I suggest taking it at night. If you get akathesia on it, have your doctor prescribe Cogentin.

Good luck! If Latuda doesn’t work out for you, there are lots of other antipsychotics to try.

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Latuda got good review on different websites. It is weight neutral. You can always start with low dose to see if it work for you.

Same here. Latuda makes me moderately lethargic during the day and really sleepy after dinner. I usually go to bed at 8 pm.

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Latuda has (mostly) worked for me, but it’s also increased my anxiety. Propranolol has helped though.

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Insomnia - eehhh
Anxiety - f-ck yeah.

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Latuda works great for me. Minimal emotional blunting, more energy, people tell me I seem more lively, and it keeps my symptoms away.
Here in my country the doctors deny the 350calories rule and have just adviced me to take it with food, so I do that.

I’ve tried a few different antipsychotics.

My advice to you is, expect side effects for the first few weeks, but know they’ll subside again.
And remember some meds take up to two months to reach full effect, so don’t give up if you don’t feel better after a week.

Antipsychotics are not dangerous. I can understand you’re hestitant about them, but don’t worry. you’ll find the one that works for you.
And we’re here for you in the meantime :slight_smile:

yes! Depending on how I feel, I’ll wait till later in the night to take my latuda. Otherwise, when I take it with dinner, I’m asleep by 8 or 9 pm. It’s almost like a sleeping pill for me

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Hello, how are you?

I take Latuda and it helps, with zero side effects. In fact it is the only antipsychotic that has stopped the hallucinations.

Good luck :slight_smile: