Latuda/Lurasidone what's it like?

Hi everyone,

Went to my psychiatrist today and have the go ahead for reducing my chlorpromazine because of parkinsons being induced by it, 20th February I’ll begin or there abouts. I hate this is happening chlorpromazine is the only drug that has worked for me I tried risperidone, olanzapine, quetiapine and aripiprazole was added last year which was god awful, made me really unwell physically the others just sedated me and made me gain weight. Chlorpromazine helped me function it gave me insight.

I just wanted to reduce my chlorpromazine to half the dose because I functioned on that before, but that is 150mg last year I tried to reduce by fifty and became bad, despite trying for two months at that dose and having reduced very slowly, that was the third time I tried to reduce and I ended up increasing again.

Then they mentioned Latuda could be an alternative, it’s new in the UK, I have to qualify for it, but the doc said that’ll be no problem. This gave me some hope because maybe chlorpromazine isn’t the only option and being off medication isn’t my only option like the neurologist said. It made me angry he made me so scared, there is hope.

I just wanted to know those of you who have tried or are taking it, your experiences? Side effects too or any information, I tried looking up research but I’m not in the right mindset to read it, so I came here to you all because I have seen a few of you mentioned it over the years and you get it and can give me the most valuable information which is what it is like and if it helps?

Thank you, hope you are having a good day today,


I actually participated in a clinical trial to help Latuda get approved by the FDA. I did well on it, but chose not to take it afterwards because it caused me to feel too restless, a pronounced akasthesia. But everyone responses to different medication differently, you might tolerate it better than I did. Hope this helps, good luck.

I take Latuda it seems to be doing the job. I do have to take Zofran with it because the Latuda makes me vomit everytime I take it. The Zofran helps with the nausea.

The commercials on TV says it’s for bipolar depression. I guess I’m really not depressed on it.

I’m on 100mg of Latuda. I like it, it takes away my paranoia pretty well. The only downside is that it causes weight gain for me.

Didn’t work for me. Had headaches I think. I was on a very high dose along with rispersal. Latuda was nice though initially. Just took it at the height of my paranoia.


Was a bad med for me. My mom thinks I got crazier on it. I only took it for about two weeks though I think. I ended up in the hospital one of the two weeks I was on it. I was on it twice. I may have been on a lower dose than would have helped though.

Helped me out tremendously. Went back to school and work. I still take Geodon and only take 40mg of Latuda.

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I’ve been on it for a year now. It gives me terribly nasty nausea at night but I now found supplements and manage to do ok most days. I also now take pills for anxiety because of it. The anxiety is bothersome but a combination of therapy and meds got it down. Right now I have very minimum side effects on Latuda.

It didn’t really work for me and I gained about 40 lbs in 2 months while on it. You have to eat like 350 calories when you take the pill and that caused me to gain a lot of weight or be hungry all day long if I put that many of my allotted calories into one meal/snack/whatever.

I tried it briefly and it did absolutely nothing, I stopped taking it shortly afterwards.

I take 60mg of Latuda. It works really well for my delusions and minor hallucinations. The only side affects it gives me are akathesia and loss of libido. My doctor prescribes me Cogentin for the akathesia, which helps a lot.

I got Akathisia from it

Gave me terrible akathisia/anxiety to the point where it made me suicidal. I had to go off of it very quickly because of that so I don’t have much else to say about it.

Worked for me for awhile but now I’m on the highest dose and it helps somewhat . I have been on it for about 6 years.

Thank you everyone, I’m hoping I won’t need it, I just want to reduce my meds not come off of it, it’s just a back up plan, I don’t want to be medciated heavily anymore I feel I am this controlled out of convenience rather than for any benefit to me. I’m hoping at half the dose I will really thrive but this is a back up plan, I am losing weight right now through dieting I don’t want to gain weight back, I gained 30kg in six weeks on olanzapine despite not eating due to paranoia, I only ate packaged foods and that’s hard to find in a hospital, they stopped me walking too, I wasn’t allowed outside, when I used to walk four hours a day, The sedentary lifestyle and weight gain caused two disks in my back to slip and it going untreated caused arthritis which I now take medication for. And I have never really responded well to atypicals because of how sedated they made me feel and still living in limbo with symptoms not really being resolved. So ideally I just want to functiom on a lower dose. I appreciate you all giving your experiecnes

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Like every other drug Latuda has different effects on different people. I took it for a while and had a combination of initially great and ultimately terrible effects from it.

It worked very well for my psychosis and depression, but I couldn’t stand the nausea and the unbearable akasthesia. I really wish it worked for me because it’s been the only antipsychotic so far that hasn’t made me gain weight.

I’m waiting for the Invega sustenna to leave my system first before starting latuda, I’m only on 20 mg so far and on the invega I was at the lowest dose so hopefully I won’t have to go up. It’s taken me like 6 months of intense dieting and like 2 hrs a day working out to lose the 50 lbs I put on at first so I’m deathly afraid I’ll gain weight. Latuda is not supposed to cause much weight gain but we’ll see. Keep posting u guys bc I need advice on this as well. I do know @DNA is on it n it seems to be doing well for him.


@anon20742722 its doing alright for me. At least better than any other AP I’ve tried. I don’t notice any side efects with it. About weight gain, every single AP will have weight gain since it lowers dopamine levels. Out of all APs I’ve been through, Latuda’s weight gain is very small. I’m on 100mg.

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I’ve taken Seroquel, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Abilify, and I will permanently be on Latuda. I take it once per day at 9pm-10pm and I sleep well. It blocks D2 receptors around 50-75% roughly and when you block D2 at 78% or higher you get extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS). Point is, it is safe, is lacks/has negligible antihistamine and anticholinergic effects BUT all antipsychotics are MAJOR TRANQUILIZERS and it will make you sleepy so take at hour of sleep. It is the best one i have used, i feel like I am at 90-95% myself again and the voices had almost completely stopped. My delusional episodes are significantly affected and I just, I just feel normal again and i went through pain suffering and torture for more than 5 years straight.

Highly recommend Latuda. I take Latuda + Lithium + B9B12Nacetylcysteine and as long as you are HONEST with your doctors, you will get better.

Good luck!