Just curious,are you the least sociable person out of your whole family?


I am the most anti-social person in my family,I wouldn’t use introvert to describe me,I use anti-social instead…


Yes lol 15151515


Yes, and my brother is the most sociable. We are like opposites


The word to use is asocial rather than antisocial. I would say I’m the most asocial member of my family.


I am too, although I guess that’s what happens when you isolate yourself and have low self esteem.


Probably my dad is. My whole family is very timid. My brother in law is the most sociable. I am probably the second least or right in the middle of us 5. Of my friends I’m quieter too. I can talk well but mostly don’t start much conversation unless it’s really on my mind and I think it’s important to say.


Yeah I isolate pretty bad


Asocial is worse then antisocial.Antisocial have higher chances of positive changes then asociality.Asociality can have good changes too,but the probability is lower

I think I am more of antisocial,I don’t greet people,I do avoid people,but i still socialize to some point


I don’t even talk to my family, not seen them since i was 18, but the relationship was never a good one


I’m the least social in my family. Introverted is what I call it


Being antisocial suck great time. I am the least sociable in my family but I’m doing small steps to be more social active in real life.


Yes i’m an anti social introvert with social anxiety lol


I don’r know. My father who was apparently not mentally ill spent a lot of time alone and didn’t tend to socialize much. He once told me that “common courtesy is the least you owe a human being” and that was often what I saw him do. I have an Uncle on my Mother’s side of the family who’s has a pretty good job but lives alone and rarely talks to family members. I have a niece who called herself an introvert and spent her early years mainly isolated. Happily she changed apparently when she went to a charter school where she met other nerdy geniuses like herself. Socialbility is subjective.


Me too (15char)


I like people and am sociable, but my social skills suck.


I used to be very sociable as a kid, teen and young adult.

Today I am not very sociable.
It could be the fact that I am no longer taking an antidepressant.

I hate this disorder.


Yes I’m definitely the least sociable person out of my family.


Yup! 1515151515


most definitely yes


I think it comes with the illness