Just curious,are you the least sociable person out of your whole family?


I am very antisocial I hardly talk to anyone I only talk to people when I have to other than that no I am not sociable at All my mom isn’t a big talker either when I do go to the grocery store I rarely interact unless I am spoken to then I will reply back with a few words and then I am on my way


I used to be social butterfly, but now I get upset when my mother introduces me to new people


No, I’m the most sociable person in my family. Imagine that >_<


I’m actually the most. My siblings have alot of personal problems.


Maybe. Are we counting the deceased family members, or not?


Nope, I’m the 2nd most unsociable… My dad is 1… But I believe him to have schizoid personality disorder, maybe more…


No my dad is I think. I’m probably second least sociable. I don’t think I’m anti social though just introverted.


No, the title of “least sociable” goes to my youngest brother. He’s an introvert, likely because he’s traumatized by the abuse that he’s dealth with from our dad and grandpa. He got the worst of it, poor thing.

When well, I’m actually more of an extravert, however when things get dicey I tend to shut down.


Asocial is what you mean, asocial is different from antisocial.


As you wish(15Char)


I am the most anti social of my whole family definitely. My sister is the runner up. My brother is MR. PERSONALITY. My other brother, who is now deceased, was too.


I guess it’s interesting you would ask because the ability to socialize can be impaired with a diagnoses like this. No surprise we have a lot of people who arent social.


I’m the least sociable of anyone I know. I’m just really introverted, though.


I’ve always been a people person and used to be very social but after a panic disorder that I beat I tend to be kind of shy until I loosen up at get togethers with family. when I get anxious I just play guitar and sing for everyone.


As I understand it:

A-social - no friends
Anti-social - criminal

Against society vs not apart of it


Re word that to say: A-social.


Exactly how i see it. Thanks Alehandro :slight_smile:


I don’t think iam the most anti-social member of my family far from it not everybody with sz is.I have worked with the general public for over 20years on/off and travel on holidays on my own and befriend people i meet.Also i have been syptom free for over 8years taking my meds and run my own business.Do not follow stereotypes and stigma no human being is the same hope this helps.