Just back home after meeting with my psychiatrist

The meeting went well. It only lasted about 5 minutes though :joy:

But at least it got me out of the house.

No changes, and see them again in 6 months.


Was this speed therapy? Dang they must be a miracle worker :joy:

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5 mins is really short. How can you have a decent conversation?

Mine last 30 mins and I go every 6 weeks.

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What was it for? Are you hiding irritation with humor here? Mine last at least 30 minutes when I go visit psychiatrist.

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I’m not sure what we’d talk about for 30 minutes to be fair. I’m stable on Abilify and they can’t do anything about negative symptoms. I didn’t have any concerns to bring up with them.


I talk about the symptoms I have. What’s going on in my life: family, friends, volunteering, trajectory to work, holidays, studies,…

I should say she’s also a trained psychotherapist.

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Why do you see them for? Just refills or something else?

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I want to be kept “in the system” , in case things go bad.


Here you’re automatically kept in the system.

My pdoc already made it clear she wants my soul for life.

She has written in her reports that I have to stay compliant with treatment.

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My psychiatrist appointments only last a few minutes

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