Just an update


Tried the first dose of cbd oil. Nasty as heck. I only did 8 drops instead of 15. It helped with the TD after about 35 minutes. The anesthesia has calmed too. Maybe next time I’ll take a full dose.

My partner is looking at a car from her uncle. He said if she can’t get it fixed then he’ll sell it to someone. I think he figured out if she gets a car and lets it sit her parents sell it


Feel fine took a second dose this time 15 drops. Still think it’s nasty. I’m not expecting miracles. My head is less…busy. If that makes sense.


Oh, yes, I know that “busy” head very well. It’s difficult to live with.


Sometimes it’s not just voices and other hallucinations it’s like my head feels crowded


My head feels coldly uncomfortable and inhumanly fleshless. I used to feel tranquilized by those hoody hair dryers we used to have in the 60’s. You might be too young to remember them but I wish I still had one. The warm air on my scalp felt wonderful.


I’ve seen pictures of them. Do ever get your hair cut professionally? I can’t do it. I always feel ackward and afraid


I can’t afford it. I’ve asked my provider if she’d cut mine. She said she would but we just haven’t found the time. It’s very long now.


I let a 11 year old cut my hair once. Wasn’t afraid then.


A lot of trust issues are right on.


There may be hair dressing schools near you all that would do your hair for free. I know there used to be one near where I went for services.


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