Im going psycho

I’m really low on the cbd oil I’ve been vaping and now I feel like I’m going ■■■■■■■ crazy. I’ve been trying to save it and make it last longer.

careful dude. I’d always moderate that non prescribed means of medicating. You can do just as much to find stability and functionality in sober states as you do while self-medicating…

I’m guess the CBD does well to provide a chill based on my past experiences with marijuana… I’m not saying you stay away from it entirely… but I wouldn’t allow yourself to become dependent as you are bound to run into this situation again.

you know… beyond that… don’t panic… breathe slowly… slow enough and with intent and focus that you quit thinking so much and allow the relaxation to set in. Count your breathes if you got too.

Good luck and take care.

Yes well I am not addicted to it but it is very helpful to me. I wouldn’t be able to do this well for myself without it I’m afraid. But all hope is not lost. I’ve ordered a refill so I only have to make it until then on what I have left.

I mix sarcosine in with it that way the CBD counters the anxiety from the sarcosine and the sarcosine counters the depression caused by the CBD.

More CBD came in. I’m home freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’m glad I found something that is working but it can be scary when it runs out :cold_sweat:

Is it THC? 1515