Fat and happy frog

My partner told her mom I was thinking of getting rid of jasper. My mother in law said I’ve been working really hard in caring for him/her and the other animals. She doesn’t want me to give jasper away.

My father in law though wanted me to get their rabbits bedding yesterday while i was at the pet store and got mad when i didn’t get it. I only had 19 dollars left enough for dirt and night crawlers.

My mother in law said she can see that jasper is well taken care of. She hates frogs but thought even said he was cute in a gross kind of way


You take such good care of Jasper and you’re very knowledgeable about frogs. I think Jasper is lucky to have you as his human. :frog: :slightly_smiling_face:

If your in-laws want you to purchase items for their pets, if I were you, I would insist on them giving you the money beforehand. They are their pets and their financial responsibility, not yours. You’re on a limited income and you have your own pets that you’re responsible for.


My partner’s little sister likes jasper but is scared of him.

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I like jasper too…!!!

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A lot of Pac man frogs are vicious but jasper is timid. I thought he was sick when I had him for a month and he never tried to bite me. I took him to the vet and he said some pac man frogs are shy but nothing was wrong with him.

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Haha cbb btw my elder brother is vet doc too… but he iz in atlanta… haaha

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Jasper is adorable. :blush:

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@far_cry0 that is cool! my partner’s little sister wants be vet. but she said she wants to work on exotics , dogs and cats but not snakes

@antidepressant044 thanks, he is growing quickly. still wont know for sure male or female until a little older.

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