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I haven’t had my IQ tested since I was a child and I know someones IQ can change as they get older. Mine was high as a child but my parents chose not to tell me exactly what it was for reasons they’ve never told me. But I get the feeling that they were trying to protect me.
I was always smart as a kid but paradoxically I always hung out with the “coolest” most popular kids in class until I reached high school. Then I dropped off the radar. My guess is because I lost a fight in P.E. decisively. Just a guess. But in my defense, I had skipped eighth grade and entered high school at 12 or 13 which when you’re a kid is a BIG difference. My classmates were all older, bigger, and stronger and the kid who won had every advantage over me but I still got good grades. But being a year younger then all the girls pretty much wrecked my chances of getting a girlfriend that year and I never recovered. I can talk to girls NOW but in four years of high school I talked to just a few girls until my senior year when I was selling pot to all the stoners and girls had to talk to me to buy joints and sometimes I ended up smoking my product with them and talking. Don’t worry, I wasn’t dealing drugs to little kids, my customers were far more hardcore drug users than me and mostly older. But my grades started slowly going down in 10th grade. I think my prodomal phase was beginning. I never got an F in school until I failed Algebra II in 11th grade. But yeah, in 12th grade I failed ALL my classes and dropped out of school with two months to go. That was 1978. I eventually got both my GED AND a diploma. I became schizophrenic in 1980. SEVERELY schizophrenic.I went through my adventures and I ended up not going to college until 1984. I attended classes and passed all my classes with mediocre grades. NOW I take online classes and apparently I have a talent for writing! I get good grades on almost every writing assignment but I failed a couple classes from doing stupid stuff like driving around and walking around all night instead of doing homework. I start class on Monday the 5th and I will not make the same mistakes. This is my last easy course. Next comes Algebra and Communication.


You must be gifted if you were that young and placed in high school. I’m sorry that your case is that severe, mine is severe but in the treatable and fightable ways- mostly just hallucinations and delusions, low negative symptoms and a decent attention span. I never failed a class, at one point I was failing though.

Good for you going back to school. I’m all about education. I am very good at writing too, my papers are always well written and receive A’s save for this one paper one year that I just cited one source for and got a C on. I learned to use at least five sources after that!

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Thanks. In my Humanities class I had to turn in a 1000 word essay based on the writings of Renaissance philosophers. Erasmus, Locke, Descartes, etc. My professor gave me a perfect score and asked me if he could use it in all his future classes for the students as an example of how an essay should be written!

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Where did you get the pot to sell in highschool?

That’s a little scarey.

Me and my friend did it together. We would buy ounces from people we knew and roll it all into joints and sell them at breaks and lunch for $2.00 a piece. We made just enough profit to pay for our own personal use.

How is that scary?

The American way -

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Actually I thought the Mouse wrote that and his ego might get a little too much bigger than it is now.

I think you did good.

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I thought IQ was relatively the same throughout one’s life.