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Trying to be equal is hard. I see everybody walking around like they are all-powerful and have control. I think it was Barbie who said that lots of people walk around acting more confident than they realy are. I see it every day. I personally am sick of the familiar sight of peoples eyes lighting up when they see me as easy pickings. Nature abhors a vacuum. In order for there to be confident people, there has to be people with no confidence. That’s the way a lot of things in life work. In order for there to be rich people, there has to be poor. In order for there to be strong, there has to be weak. Unfortunately I fall into the no confidence category. The number one thing that frustrates me is that when people strut around I know that just even a little modicum of aggression from me is all it takes for them to leave me alone. It’s so simple but this damn disease has taken away even my small amount of confidence and courage I had in high school. I’m stretched thin trying to be equal on every level. Just had to vent.



I am working so hard on getting any confidence back. I question myself all the time. It’s a struggle. But I’m working on it.



If there weren’t a dark side to the moon, there would be no moon.
When I looked confident but wasn’t, I let a lot of people down because they thought they could depend on me.
Know that you don’t do that, and neither do I anymore.



People without confidence are not void of anything to be confident about, they just haven’t discovered it yet for themselves.



i have no confidence , but sometimes i just fake it as best as i can, sorry you are going through a bad time.
take care

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The thing that really knocks down my confidence is when I get told I’m being paranoid, or delusional or some other symptom is thrown at me when I think I’m being rational. I get really knocked down when a few family members use my diagnosis as a way to win an argument.

Then I doubt myself more and feel even worse that I’m so self doubting.



I know that my confidence bottoms out a lot. I do sort of fake it till I make it. I’m not trying to put on airs or act better then, I’m just trying to be equal. I know I can’t be equal on every level, but there are days I don’t feel equal an any level.

I admire your wisdom and your vast life experiences very much and that beats aggression any day. You’ve done more then many I know.

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I dont lack confidence, I lack sanity, there is a difference



i dont know how to control myself sometimes lately i have been being agrresive because im sick of taking ■■■■ off people. i know its a fault and am working on it.