Does anyone believe that

Does anyone believe talking, journaling and opening up about sz helps. I believe it helps and may help prevent the illness from becoming worse.


I think it helps at least some more than none.

I find keeping a recovery journal to be very helpful, have been doing this for decades. I am selective about who I disclose my illness to, however. I am always open when it comes to treatment providers, there’s no benefit to hiding anything, it’s all downside there.

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What type of things do you write about in the recovery journal do you include past delusions how you feel etc…

I don’t write about past delusions, I write about present issues. What delusions do I have today. How bad are they on a scale of 1 - 10. How are my negatives on a scale of 1 - 10? What is my current medication? What supplements? What do I think is working? What do I want to talk to my doctor about later?

I also try to journal positive things happening in my day or week.

Yes it helps. Having a Journal and read it back is helpful. You will know so much more about recurring problems. These days my Journals are different. It’s more progress. I draw images and copy and create new smart things I read on the internet.

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Yes I do, I write a lot, has always helped me process what’s going on. Be it journaling, creative, free form. It helps.

i keep a journal with things i need to tell my pdoc or other helpers in the near future.

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