Journaling as a tool for insight

I wish I had journaled my hallucinations as they were happening so I could write a book from them…

But I also think that journaling could help someone gain insight as they read over what they wrote in the past and realize it doesn’t make sense.

I sort of did this when I was psychotic one time and was into Twitter. I took screenshots of stuff I think explained the story going on. I see it now and it is proof of my lunacy


I sometimes journal just to get the ■■■■ outside of me. I have too much in my head. I think too much. It has helped tremendously.

Tomorrow I’m going art therapy and I’m going to learn how to do art journalling my emotions and psychosis.

I have a journal on facebook. It’s why I never can return. :exploding_head::sunglasses::muscle: Maybe people will make sense of it someday.

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I’m going to be joining a group called smash journaling. I’m not sure what is involved in that

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