Joke, I could have been a great Soviet military officer

In my old delusions, or maybe I could have been in real. The Soviet Union did not live long enough to find out this.

These were just some songs I listened to when I was a little child, but the world worked in a different way.


hahaha! I was just listening to that myself!

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several years ago I sent an email to russian government email that I can create a weapon of mass destruction after reading a magazine that explained how america destroyed ussr using cold war but i get nootropics from america, i’m not enemy of america and nothing to do with america but i grew up as a child thinking russsia as a big brother to india but that was a ridiculous joke as i never had such ability, like a frog inside a well thinks it can create a weapon of mass destruction

what a joke

this is real life story

cliffhanger movie --------- if you kill one you are a murderer and if you kill a million you are a conqueror, go figure it out

Back in 1999 when I was in the USA and I felt good, I was concerned about the economic situation of Russia, it was on the bottom at that time, a little bit like today’s financial crisis in Russia, I had studied the development of the Soviet economy in the direction of the market economy already in 1989 at one business school in Michigan, I had kept my research paper and decided it to use it in 1999. The problem was the oligarchs at the time in Russia who controlled Yeltsin. Somehow I got Yeltsin’s fax number in Moscow and I faxed a list of people who had to be ‘taken care of’. And so it happened. On the top of this list was one Boris Berezovsky who eventually was exiled by Putin and then this Berezovsky who still was a millionaire hanged himself in London. So my dream became the reality.

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As I remember my auditory hallucinations started in late 1998 , early 1999, when I traveled in Southern France in March 1999 I had auditory hallucinations, voices in Aix that I ate like the Grand Duke in Moscow, during my travels I always ate well in restaurants, the life was different then.

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I emailed the feds here in the US and tried to FOIA myself while simultaneously requesting an investigation into some political corruption in my hometown. did not go as planned. one fed said no, not until i sent in my signature. another fed said no to the investigation, because they weren’t “obligated to start new investigations based on an alleged foia request”.

I think there must be a pile of documents/emails/faxes etc exclusively from sz’s at every government agency hahaha we’re so proactive on reaching out to the big wigs.

Don’t feel bad, I think most sz have a story where we introduce ourselves to some gov or other.

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this post just reminded me of the times that I used the DEA website to file anonymous tips about everyone I knew. All of whom I thought were involved in an elaborate scheme against me. I must have filled two dozen reports and then got well and completely forgot about it until I read this post. Yikes!

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yikes indeed////////////////

Yea I was thinking about coming off my meds too until I read that post. I even drove down to the police station once and got buzzed in and met with two officers to file a complaint against someone that didn’t exist. They called my family and told them I was paranoid before I even got home. ■■■■ my life

It seems that we all have done some crazy communications. Once I had email addresses of all embassies in Washington DC and I used to email them my paranoid views on all kinds of conspiracies and other world events.


I wrote two letters to the CIA. Official letters with the real address, signed and stamped. My mom said to me, “what do you want to end up on some kind of list”? I tore them up right after that

Sometimes it is good to have the courage to post different topics, never know what posts you get back, I have enjoyed listening to this song ‘Robbie Williams | Party Like A Russian’ while doing my exercise routines.