Somehow it is funny

It was the year 1999 and I was in Southern France when I said to my now former American spouse that Boris Yeltsin would resign in six months and then I was back in America (my marriage was failing miserably) and I wrote that Russia needs a strong leader (not one who Yeltsin was, alcoholic) and approximately at the same time Putin started rising to power and then Yeltsin resign on 12/31/1999 and Putin became the President. Funnily he has been so strong that he has been in the power close to 19 years now. Somehow the world changed then and now it sounds a little funny.

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Is this political post?

No it is not political, maybe just describing the past world relations. You see I live quite close to Russia.

I dont know. I dont think so. Are you amused you could predict the change of leadership?

or is it aa political post?

Love to read your postings, but they bar/lock political and religious post


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I won’t flag it, it’s up to the mods. It’s not my job to do this

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Your right. I think it is more of a judgement call thing. Maybe he could make a different post about this time of his life.

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I’m just putting it on my watched list. If no one starts arguing about Putin or Russia, it’s fine.


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