Joining the workforce

How do you guys handle working with schizophrenia? I’m 32 and jobless living in the Netherlands, I feel like I can’t work. I have a college degree, but little work experience.

I don’t feel that I can work. I am on disability and have not worked for about 8 years.

İf i weren t at disability position i would definitely jobless too.but i like to work.i just dont have strong work ethic because of medicines and disease itself.its just too hard to be on time at work and be stable and reliable worker.but at least i m trying.

If you’re especially polite and nice in the workplace then your colleagues will forgive a bit of underperformance. That’s how I survived in a public sector job for 36 years. I wasn’t a very good performer.

I’m 32 in the US and am in the middle of applying for disability. If I don’t get it I will have to get a job but I don’t think that would end up well. I’ve lost so much of my work ethic due to this disease and medicine. I used to be in quite good shape and worked as a landscaper now. If i tried that work now I’d be useless.

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