John Nash, my favorite schizophrenic, a Nobel Prize winner

But I do not agree with his Nash’s point theory in the game theory, because there is no God involved, which is why I developed my own game, a multiplayer strategic board game and this game has random acts such as the Russian roulette and few others, which can change the direction of the game. They try to control randomness, but the God can only do this. I started developing this game in 1999 and it took years me to finalized it. Now it is quite good.

What randomness?

And that is one lucky ass schizophrenic isn’t it, they are always going on and on about how things can be foreseen at all times, and they give this guy the numbers and he wins the nobel prize.

I wonder if they included themselves in his theory, their own involvement, which can also be foreseen, and foreseeing yourself foreseeing can be foreseen.

I wouldn’t have called it game theory though, it’s no game at all, nothing this hideous could be called a game.

They try to develop more and more advanced computer simulational models to predict and estimate what happens in the future, their simulational models to predict the outcome of the 2nd Persian Gulf war in 2003 went so wrong, they did not understand the existence of the God, they use all kinds of advanced mathematical theories to understand the world, but when they succeed, new random events happen such that South Korean ferry sinking just right now.