Job search

after my Job Interview i have lost all confidence in myself again,

I had a look but everything is just too hard,


Do you drive? Dominos are always hiring drivers. A lot of it is part time, but if you tell them what hours you can do, they might accommodate you. It is nothing glorious, but is actually a pretty fun job.

Is this a type of job where you can practice at home? If you get training, can you ask the employer for some extended training, and not some quick crash course?

It’s good to take baby steps and get yourself to believe in yourself and what you can do. I find myself not even being able in getting to the in person interview part because I just read a job listing online and see a whole bunch of requirements for the job and just freak the bleep out, even tho I know that I can do the stuff. Lol.

I’ve been trying to get a job for a long time :frowning: i feel like a failure, @anon98459728 i can drive but i cant use the car for work as its a motability car and its against the rules, even if i could use it i would struggle driving for too long anyway,

@KopfdergrunenWiese idk much about home working,

everything i see online looks too difficult :frowning:

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Here in Canada they have an agency that finds work for the mentally ill and the mentally disabled. They’re more likely to accept you and they’re easier physical jobs.

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its in they way we think of things. work around the problems of today not tomorrow. you can work on your own terms.

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@Aziz My clubhouse help people get work but the jobs are not that great, i tried cleaning a couple of times and i hated it, it has to be something that i enjoy or it will make me feel bad.

@DrZen I hear you

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