Im feeling low as I have no confidence to take up volunatry work

Im feeling pissed off because I was looking to do voluntary work and a great opportunity came along. The volunteer website is looking for a van driver to deliver food from food banks to hostels. I thought I would be suited to the job but I lack the confidence to go for it. Im nervous.

This pisses me off as when I was young I used to believe in myself but now am too nervous. And when I think about it, its just a driving delivery job. I know Im capable of it but 18 years out of the workplace has taken its toll on me. I lack confidence and belief in myself.

go for ithunni…whats the worst that could happen> u don’t get the job, then uv lost nothing by applying. don’t let ur fears hold u back. the only thing that’s stopping u is u. bite the bullet and apply. ull feel better for it, even if u don’t get it. good luck!


This illness erased all sense of confidence I had for a very long time. The only way I got it back was working to get it back. I would try one new small thing once a week and when that worked out well I would make sure to mark it down somewhere. If it didn’t go well, I would write down what it was that didn’t work.

After a while, I had more thumbs up on the date book then thumbs down. Just looking at that would give me a little more confidence to try something else again.

I’m not all the way there yet and I still have days were I’m sure I’m worthless, but I have to talk myself out of the negative and focus on the can do’s and not the cant do’s.

I agree with jaynebeal, you might just have to bite the bullet and try.


I used to drive every day about 45 minutes each way from college to work to home. Now the thought of driving freaks me out. I have lost all my confidence in myself regarding my driving. I have driven some here and there but for the most part it’s been about 15 years. I need to get over this as I too want to volunteer at places like the schizophrenia society. I don’t like that I’m dependent on my hubby to get me to places I want to go and should be able to do on my own. Recently we got another car and it’s a standard :frowning: plus we have an interlock devise in the car that you have to blow into randomly as it screens for alcohol. I know I can do this but… I’m afraid. I’m insecure. Yesterday I told my hubby that the next day he is off of work that I am driving. I have to face this and do it. Today he is off of work :open_mouth:

I hope you find the confidence in yourself to give it a try.


Yeah, that sucks. Maybe some other volunteer job would be possible for you.

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Maybe the driving job is too complicated for you. How about something easier and simpler?

No I would like to drive but its just my confidence is generally low. You know like joining the workforce and talking to people again.

My philosophy is that if I am healthy, and capable of learning, then I can hold down a job. I worked at a department store for three years once, a few years back. I worked shoulder to shoulder with the same people for three years and we took our breaks together for three years and I almost didn’t talk to ANYONE. This should encourage you, right? I have just skated by socially in most of my jobs.

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go for it, i felt the same way too , you can do this.
take care