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So I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon at a Goodwill store. I worked at one locally in 2001 for a while and liked it. I am very nervous and unprepared for the questions. especially if they are personal like what are your strengths and whatnot.
haven’t worked since 2013. if anyone can help me out i would be grateful like what to expect and what to be prepared for.

thanks community.


I don’t know if it’s applicable to you, but when asked a strength, I say it’s the same as my weakness. That I’ve been called stubborn, but I prefer to think of it as determination. Answers two questions in one go, and it’s an accurate description of me.


I volunteered at a Salvation Army once. Very easy straightforward job. You can do it

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Best of luck for your interview! I hope goes positively for you!!

My personal interview question cheatsheet of questions that I’ve been asked most often:

“What do you do in your spare time?” - What they’re more trying to find out is your commitments outside of work, ie. family, appointments etc. Think about your hobbies and see which ones are most relevant to the job, and mention a couple

“What are your strengths?” - They will absolutely ask something like this. That’s okay! Think of something you like about yourself, and I mean ANYTHING. Then, make it relevant the job. For example, I’m very chatty. In interviews, I take that and frame it as “I’m friendly and engaging with all customers and team members.”

“What do you know about the company?” - They’re just looking for basics. Go to their website, skim their about page, tell em what you remember. My little trick is to say, “If I recall correctly,” before telling them what I remember. It shows them you care enough to have done your homework

“Why did you apply/what can you bring to the role?” - Don’t say you just joined for money id you want to stay there a long time!!! They want to hear why YOU chose THEM - interviews go both ways! Explain what you like about the company/job, bring up you’ve worked for Goodwill before they’ll love that.

I think these are the most important ones, at least in my experience they’ve been the big questions

I hope this has helped even a little!! Remember, it isn’t the end of the world if it doesn’t work out - and if it does, hell yeah!


Oh! Ask questions!!! If you read a little bit about them, you can probably come up with a couple just from that. Otherwise, pay close attention in the interview to figure out what to ask them. Even if you can only come up with things like: Why is this job available? It’s better than nothing.

How you look can be really important, too. I once interviewed at a company for an executive assistant position. I thought I’d dress for the job, so I went in upscale business attire. They didn’t seem to appreciate it- especially not my stilettos. They were a machinery and parts manufacturer. Conversely, my son applied for a customer service position but didn’t cut his hair or shave. They wanted nothing to do with him. So, dress the part.


Great advice @taiga

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In the past, I actually applied to work for a Goodwill store twice. Turned down both times. I’m horrible at verbal interviews. But, mental health professionals see that as mental disorder. I actually noted that once when I was filling out paperwork to apply for SSDI or VACP (that not even Goodwill would hire me). I don’t know if that convinced or not.

Goodwill is probably minimum wage so I’m better off on disability (I make a little over $50,000/year).

The sad thing is: you would think a company like Goodwill would be conducive to hiring people with mental or physical limitations. The world can be a cruel place.

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