Interview tomorrow

I am so nervous. I haven’t worked in nearly 6 years. Also, I made a fool of myself over the phone with the guy…


Best of luck, I’m sure you will do great!


You Got Thus In Your Grocery Bag While Haulin Out Tha Trash ,

Being Perfect Isn’t Easy But It Can Be Fun Sometimes …

Good Luck .


Dress sharp. Make eye contact. And most of all…BE CONFIDENT!!

“Beauty captures the Attention” but “Confidence captures the heart”

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I think i remember you saying you just quit meds also. I hope you handle everything well. That’s one amazing person, overcoming the schizophrenia without the meds.

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So far it has been going really well though. It has only been 13 days though.

Remember to breathe. Hard to say with each employer with what they are looking for so don’t worry about it to much. Just be yourself. No one can ask more then that from you. Best of luck btw.

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I guess I should go take a shower. I feel so horribly unprepared.

I went off my meds and crashed 6 months later. I hope you went off of your meds under the supervision of your psychiatrist.

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Oh Shazzle ,

Check Thus out ,

I Usually Have Troubles Sleeping But That New " Emergenzee Powder " Drink Seems To Work ,

Hold On Lemme Get Tha Spelling Rite , . . . . . . . ,

(((Emergen - Zzzz)))

So Jus In Case Your Thots Get All Scattery Tonite Go Ahead and Pick Thaz Shizzle Up When You Get Tha Chance ,

It May Help … :blush:

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My pdoc and I are working together on this.


Relax. Tell yourself you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Brush up on your technique, but I’m sure you can win him over with your sincerity.

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I think you looking very well and healthy will do some of the talking

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I hope so. I don’t have to divulge my illness, do I?!

Well I Am Unsure How It Goes These Days ,

All That I Am Currently Aware Of Is , That If You Have Been Arrested Then You Share That Info ,

I Honestly Doubt Your “mental” “illness” Is Going To be Asked …

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and One More Thing ,

Errrone On Tha Planet Gets Nervous During Such Events ,

So Even If You Feel Lyke You Look Carayzay (!!!) ,

Everyone Does ,

So Do Your Thang Gurl (!!!)

OK ,

Imma Shush It Now .

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Thank you! I just got all clean and shaved. I feel much more confident now! Worst thing that can happen is he says no!

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No Doubt ,

and There’s Always Someone Out There Waiting ,

Good Way To Look At It …

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It’s a good way to look at it. You’re not always going to get a job at the first place you apply and you’re not always going to get the job you want really badly. Of course, it’s in the realm of possibility that you may get the first job you apply for or you may get the job you want but there’s no guarentee. You just have apply and do your best and keep trying even if you fail a few times.

Every employment agency or vocational program and most articles on the web about getting jobs say that you have to treat job-hunting as a job. That means being organized and put in thirty or forty hours per week doing something that goes towards your goal of obtaining a job.

That means searching Craigslist, asking family or friends if they have heard of any openings, canvassing the town near you, putting in applications, going to interviews, checking out employment agencies, following through on the phone or in person after interviews, being clean and well rested, eating the right food, having clean clothes, researching companies, reading articles on tips for acing an interview.

I don’t mean to overwhelm you with information just thought I’d give you some knowledge and what I’ve learned from experience. Most of what I wrote is common sense.

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