Should I start a YouTube channel?

So I’m thinking I may start a YouTube channel, I’m curious what y’all think… Should I do embroidery, crochet, mental health, all three? I want to someday make money from this… If I can that is… I think it might be fun… Maybe I can even do some kind of research of some kind or something idk… What do y’all think?


I think its a good idea. But you need a good camera, good microphone and good lighting.


@Aziz I was thinking maybe a phone just to start with, a phone holding tripod with lighting pre equipped


A couple of years ago I searched schizophrenia on youtube and filtered for recent uploads and followed a couple of vloggers. Schizophrenia is not really the go to youtube topic.

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I say go for it!


Dont say schizophrenia at all, just talk about mental health. One reason is mental health affects everyone and 20% actually have mental illness compared to 1% sz.


i have a YouTube channel, its really fun :slight_smile:

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Do you know how popular you’d have to be to get any money?

Have you researched how many people also do those kinds of videos?

I’m all for it, if you just want a hobby,

But don’t expect money.


I watched some of techlead’s videos about computer science. I think he said he made 500k a year off YouTube.

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@Halozination well my diagnosis is being reviewed I think… I may have psychosis due to PTSD and was taken off my AP and honestly I think if I mention any kind of mental health stuff it will mostly be me reading articles saying my opinion and talking about my PTSD, bipolar, anxiety and other things…

@Stophypsters thanks I got a new thing to help me make videos on how to do my crafts

@onepercentoff I agree, I don’t think I’ll talk about sz especially since my diagnosis might be in review.

@mrsearlgray oh cool… I hope it’ll be fun for me too

@Charles_Foster I’ve done research on these topics I even follow several channels and I realize how popular is have to be and making money from this would mostly just be icing on the cake and a hope and not a need or expectation

@ExploringWalker some people can and it’d be cool to make money from it but I doubt I can we’ll see though

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Mental health is very popular on YouTube but there’s only a hand full of channels to watch, I think the more people out there talking about mental health issues is a win for everyone!

And adding hobbies like crochet and embroidery would be great to show, splitting up your channel with a few playlists if you’re looking to get more followers for different topics.

Yes you should, mental health demand is increasing.
Even I think not to mention sz.
Because we have thoughts that could be valued, but the word sz pulls down your work. Imo.

@Twialine Especially if you’re not planning on having a professional setup and either learning how to edit, or having someone do the editing for you.

Maybe you should get sponsors to make money

I think it’s a great idea. Hard to predict which upstart YouTube channels will be successful. Some remain small for quite a well and then very quickly views and subscribers increase exponentially. “Hobbies and interests” is a big niche and if you’re serious and pitch yourself correctly you could make a space for yourself.
PS. Embroidery and crochet as healing arts?

What a great idea Twialine. You appear to be doing so well lately why not give it a go.

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