Job agency following me

they calling me to work.what do i do.i dont have disability.job agency called me today,they after me.

I think it’s only an issue if your on unemployment? If you get government unemployment I think you have to have one…not sure about the covid stuff though.

they dont give disabilty here in anymore,only if you really sick.

I think in the old days you could still be on jobstart incapacitated where you didn’t have to do the job stuff. I’m not sure now but I’d read up on the social security site or contact them about what you need to do. I’d imagine sz is serious enough that you don’t have to work. What does your psychiatrist say?

they dont listen to you .they dont care.they got me off disability in 2008.they said im good enough for work.they want everyone to work.they dont believe me.i wasn’t sick alot back then.antisycotic made me more australia they carless for mental talking about sydney.

Yeah hearing that. It’s a shame. I got on disability in 2004. You shouldn’t have to work with sz it’s burden enough. I’m totally unsure about what you can do but maybe have a look at the Sane website. I think they have a forum too. It’s Australian mental health advocacy group…I think they are still around.

im gona get off antisycotic and just say stuff it.i dont care if i start hallucinating again.i got no choice.otherwise i become homeless.

Not a good idea. First talk to your doctor. Follow up with Sane. I don’t know what the deal is anymore and don’t deal with that but if your on unemployment without disability you might not have much room to move. Talk to your doctor. Coming off meds isn’t the answer

depression or no depression.i have to do it.they dont care about gona have depression schizophrenia heart attack.doesnt matter anymore.i welcome death.

Try these forums. They are specifically Australian and the Sane charity do good work. …This website is US based.

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