Jeej. I have boundaries! :)


I am so proud. I have boundaries! I met some stranger that i talked to before. He wanted my contact info and i said no and politely quit the conversation and walked away, because i felt uncomfortable with him.

This might seem really normal, but boundaries were always so hard for me, with not wanting to hurt people and being insecure and clumsy and all. Now i can do it! I have had loads of boundary situations lately and im getting better at it. :slight_smile:


Good job! If you were uncomfortable with him you definitely did the right thing. We talked about boundaries in therapy the last time I was in the hospital. It’s something I have had to work on as well.



Good that you are talking about it. It has always been hard for me. But im practicing and it helps lots. Im still asserting boundaries in a clumsy way, but at least i do it. It makes me real proud somehow, even if it isnt special to others. :slight_smile:

How do or did you work on it? Did they help you?


Well I don’t go out or interact with people much so I don’t really have to set many boundaries at this point in my life. I did choose to stay home from Christmas this year because I was dealing with a lot and just couldn’t be around people. My therapist said that was okay and that it was good that I was setting boundaries like that. I guess because I put my mental health ahead of everybody’s expectations.


Yes, that sounds like you made a good decision and asserted it. Great! Im dealing with loads of new people so i need boundaries a lot. Next step is to recognize my own boundaries earlier still.


Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Just keep taking small steps, day by day. After a while it will be natural for you to have healthy boundaries. That’s what I think, at least.


I hope so. Thanks!


Good job! I’m proud of you.


Thanks! :grinning:


Good going @Marian!


Excellent. 1515


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