(?) :::POLL::: Jealousy :::POLL::: (?)

Is Jealousy Good Or Bad (???)
  • Happy & Kind!.
  • Sad & Depressed!
  • King?.
  • Queen?.
  • Peasant?.
  • None Of Thee Above. . .

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Jealousy is bad

Hey Jealousy is a song by the Gin Blossoms.

I think it’s pretty good.

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For me, jealousy is just as strong as my level of insecurity feelings. For me, they are directly connected atm. So, if you would call insecurity bad, only then is jealousy bad, in my personal case.
I think jealousy is not a good feeling, but it’s not bad. I can and do get jealous atm. I think it is too demonised that word it is like if you say you are insecure people don’t judge you but if you say you are jealous, they do.i think that’s just dumb.

I think it was Nietze who said jealousy has a good purpose which is to drive self improvement,! And changing perspectives perhaps, outlooks,

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I like John Lennon’s jealous song. BTW. And he has some other few good songs…

Jealousy does limit who I go on dates with because of my mental health. Not sure if psychosis was not a thing in the universe, if I’d then not restrict who I date

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I think jealousy is an innate human emotion, that everyone experiences at some point.

On the upside, brings into Focus who is important to you

On the downside, it can lead to Madness anger, vengeful, wallowing in a stew of emotions… All that not-so-good ■■■■

I guess it’s how you deal with it

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I’m too old at 50 to be jealous.

I still talk to my ex Mrs. She’s a good chick but a little messed up. Still. She talks about new love interests and that is cool. Yeah. It’s nice to talk to her but I don’t get jealous anymore.

I enjoy my life. I enjoy I have enough disposable income to live a life I like. That is good.

Life is good. Why be jealous of others?


Jealousy is a foreign concept to me now in my more mature years. I couldn’t always say that. I was never really jealous with my husband. Hardly. But I was insanely jealous with some of my girlfriends. Even to the point of suicidal and homicidal thinking. Although with my last girlfriend, I could have cared less.


The type of jealousy I’m talking about is fear of being rejected by those that mean a lot to me. I never used to have this to the level I have it now because my psychosis was sort of about that a lot. Also my best friend in childhood rejected me after about 10 years of us hanging. That obviously had a huge impact on me.

Thinking about it now, I guess I’m learning that those who actually do matter to me the most are those who I feel won’t reject me. The problem is that I often get a feeling that certain ppl will reject me when it might be imagined but because I imagine it so strongly it affects my behaviour and then I do end up losing those people.

My type of jealousy manifests as fear of abandonment and avoidance.

What a great topic to bring up, once more.

Anyway I think that learning to know who really matters to me is what I am working on now.

Doesn’t mean I hate those who reject me. They have their reasons for rejecting me. It’s not like I don’t reject ppl either.


The other problem is I feel like everyone might reject me. I just don’t feel secure in myself in that way. I wish I still had counselling Tbh. But it ended.
Yes it is very depressing. :smile:


I dont think stalking and harassing someone for years, now trying emotionally manipulate them and when they express that their behaviour is causing them distress and upset is called being jealous.
The environment has degradation of mentality. :innocent:
#stopthestalking #stopthesurveillance #idontwanttoplay

Not to blow my own trumpet - but one of the main reasons i get abuse from the less desirables in my town, is that they are jealous of my flat and my steady benefit income.

They walk past sucking their teeth - and look me up and down, and i just laugh.
They are peasants - so thats why i voted that.

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Wow :flushed: that’s harsh. Wow :flushed:

Lol. Sorry but its true. The people that take the piss outta me and look down upon me are peasants. Most of them gain a living nicking meat and flogging it in the bars, and they look part of the great un-washed.

They have the intellect of a 12 year old usually as well.


I’m afraid the wording of this poll is going to give me eye cancer.

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So do most 12 years old. Be kind to the peasant class.

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I get it. It’s just that you’re so good natured when you say something like that it’s kinda shocking

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Lol, Bless your heart. I can be a bit of a snob when i want to be.

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Envious is the definition of wanting something someone else has

I think
Jealousy is where you’re jealous about people interacting with what’s “yours”