I just discovered I'm jealous something STUPID

It is weak of me to let petty jealousy eat me up like this. I’ve just got to accept that some people are better at some things than I am - including being well liked.:slight_smile:


Everyone is better than you in some areas, and weaker in other areas. Every teacher is also an apprentice. It is a never ending chain.

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I wish I knew what I’m good at because I surely do know what I’m not good at and that makes a lousy time for me.

@chordy I understand the feeling. I am terrible at so many things. I don’t think I’m good at anything. It really sucks.

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Do you ever just feel clumsy?

Envy/Jealousy kind of comes and goes for me.

Well, today I feel stuck in it. And I know the only thing that can pull me out of it is me.

Likely there is something you’re good at, you probably just can’t think of it because you’re unhappy. But if you aren’t satisfied with the skills you have you could try some things you’re interested in. That’s how I got into making electronic music.

I can be jealous sometimes myself. It’s easier to succumb to when you aren’t happy I find. It seems to happen a lot when i’m in one of my bouts with mild depression. (well some here who’ve put up with me may not think it’s so mild)

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I’m very clumsy. My husband says my medicine slows me down a lot, especially my reflexes,

Jealousy is a mysterious thing. It empowers people in the cruelest way. It feeds the hubris of those who enjoy dominating… However those folk often lack genuine levels of passion for what they do and in that fall short of rank in any real regard.

It’s one of the elements of baggage from our evolutionary history. Self acceptance is the only way to transcend it… as is giving up on the competition that drives you back into loathing yourself.

There are far more individuals on this earth who have to live their live’s without being outstanding at all then their are winners.

They call it sportsman like conduct… when all aspects of the game are contained only to being relevant in the context of the game.

Jealousy bothers me deeply because the current human condition is actually fueled by it. It’s not something we will soon outgrow. A small mind accepts that jealousy should just be a motivator… That not wanting to be left feeling that way is a reason to redouble your efforts and work to improve yourself. However, only the rarest kind of personal accomplishment can make an individual who undertakes that process left standing on something solid.

Jealousy in essence can’t be escaped… Those who believed they’ve escaped jealousy through ideological domination of others are those who stand on sand… they have a vast webwork inside of leveling everyone out to either be on the same plane as they are… or less… it takes true chivalry and love for humanity itself to just realize that it isn’t about winning nor standing out…

There is a certain way of respecting winners that is conditionally biased… It’s easy to find if your long term goal is fair support for all.

Beyond that I think jealousy is a sick and sadistic game… it often gets taken out on people who by no means deserve it… someone sharing their pain and finding a false sense of “righteous brotherhood.” It’s like they want to say “NOW YOU GET IT! WELCOME TO MY WORLD! I AM SO GLAD I FINALLY MADE YOU JEALOUS AND I DON"T CARE THAT You HAVE TO FEEL IT… Because it’s all I know!” Sociopathic words that show dire signs of someone not being able to appreciate that at least there are others worth protecting who don’t feel that kind of pain.

For now it won’t stop though… It’s an individual’s choice to sell out to life by the basics… worshiping the carnal social animal inside… or those who actually want to seek peace and structure and love in their life.

My personal thoughts beyond that are a contortion that exists at the crux of my ego and hubris… I frankly think it’s funny that all shallow marriages end in divorce… All these individuals who either lack the capacity to think or ignore doing so because the implications yield their wrongness… The self-interest and self-preservation are not good motivators for the human being that seeks family.

Ironically though… I am not jealous because any two individuals who are good to each other is a beautiful thing…

The first set of characters that are shallow and self-interested love casting jealousy… the social caste prevents us from being able to discuss it without feeling guilty… The ever smirking husbands with hot wifes they don’t pay any attention too… It’s a real irk to me…

It’s funny though… because paying to much attention to that will jsut drag you into their world until it brings you to the bottom of yourself as has you embracing jealousy as the only explanation you have understand what’s going on.

However it’s not jealousy if it’s not vengeful… The character was using nothing more than a cheap ploy to annoy those around him so he can enjoy the apparition of his castle… then years later after the relationship crumbles the man has 2 to 3 weeks of life shattering anger and sadness and no one who cares to hear him out about it.

Kind of like a form of karma that is realized.

It only gets grosser from their where money-lords and abusers wrangle in all the power they can to keep the submissive ensnarred and unable to even think about doing anything else but trying to accept it and learn to prevent thier own harm within the system.

It’s an archaic patriarchal way for life to be structured. No man deserves to own or control anyone. It’s nothing but truth to say that an idividual who has to stand on others to feel secure is anything but weak… Is a false apparition of security in the self and gross thing to enjoy the exercise of… It’s practically satanic and quite obviously sadistic.

That said I’m moving away from the topic.

Jealousy is something that has to absolved in the self and recognized for it’s potential to return… Seek to surround yourself with those who do not empower jealousy from either side. Accept not the self… but the beauty that can be found in the simplicity of life… and chock whatever is left up to a very hellish world maintained by a very immature species.

Real life is as simple is going outside when the weather is nice enough to rob you of your concerns for anything else aside from experiencing it.

Take care chordy… it’s alright ot be jealous… but I think you are trying to sort out your curiosities from the inside… Understanding jealousy also takes looking at it from the outside as well… when your not under it.

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i think people like near clones.

if you can be yourself and be accepted you’re ok

We get into trouble when we don’t want to find differences among people.

Typical azley, writing a novel on a simple post

are you talking about envy? i think jealousy actually is a part of love. an unwillingness to allow someone you love to be destroyed. american english seems to use the word jealousy when referring to envy thugh.

Yes, I mean envy.