Jealous of you alll

how is it that some of you have a life…voices screw me over…I cant even attend a mental health club…voices persecute me and tell me to humiliate myself in front of people

I cant veen manage to do my grocery shopping…because of sz that is a huge challenge

id love to be able to function but cant at all

and it seems some of you are on top of things, and leading successful lifes with husbands or wifes or kids or jobs or friends

I personally have zilch in my life…I just meander from one day to the next trying to resist voices which screw my whole life,

im jealous of orhers here who have a life…how do they manage it…


How long you been like this
Is it around finding right medication

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I can relate on the employment part. Ever since graduating from High School in 2012, I’ve had serious issues holding jobs.

Finding them is easy, I just can’t hold them longer then 2 weeks.

It’s tough, but we’ll both get there one day.

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Amyloban 3399 and another Lion’s Mane source took care of my breakthrough hallucinations. I’m 99.9% voice free now, and can work again.

I’m still taking 6 mg Paliperidone though, so I’m not completely off meds or anything like that.


Sorry for where you are right now
i would never in 10000000 years ever thought i’d get married
i recently saw a more positive statistic that people who get schizophrenia in their teens - 20 years later 2 in 3 will be in remission.

i consider it is a long course of illness to get there
when i became psychotic age 16 i did not know that i would be in a stable relationship in my mid 30’s onwards

i am sorry
i remember how bad my prognosis was after 3 years spent mostly psychotic (with a gap) age 30
it was dire.

i went on

the 10 yrs in between saw me in and out of the same psychosis story from my teens
i worked ft for 6 months at best and at worst spent a further 2 hospitalisations

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Where can I get hands on amyloban

Yes, @karl, this is possibly true and there’s a chance. My first three years of my disease I didn’t function well either. For me, most of the 1980’s I was in hospitals, group homes, mental health housing, day programs, or sleeping on just a mattress on the floor in a room my dads friend rented to me that doubled as a storage room. But somehow in 1983 I started a job and held it four years. No one who knew me would have predicted that I would ever work again in a million years. I was severely, severely ill (as all of us are; or were).

But yeah, those first three years I did not function. To be realistic, you may be able to get a job or something you really desire one day. To be realistic, you may not. But recovery takes work, luck, and being helped. These three things are why I’m looking back on being employed for most of the last 35 years.

I realize that peoples symptoms are more serious than others, and I’m not trying to be mean or callous, but recovery isn’t going to come knocking at your door, you have to go after it. I think everybody understands what it’s like to not function. You may just have to not function for awhile until you feel better and an opportunity comes up. Good luck.


I think a lot of it is just luck. I have been lucky with friends, I know when I have been at my worst, if I were someone else I would of asked whats the point? But I have friends that have been loyal to me. Saying that I have been unlucky with girls, I have been single since I was 16.

Did you quit abilify? I’ll be trying on lions mane also with paliperidone after a while once I get it next week.

I quit Abilify. I think it was making it hard for me to read.

Please keep us updated on your progress (in the Amyloban thread!)

It has taken a lot of trial and error with medications to get to where i am…which is what i would call stable. I struggled prior to this. However, i’m always on the brink of falling apart. My pdoc wants to change my medications around but i’m a little hesitant to do this as i’m in an okay spot right now. I’m quite sensitive to medication so any small adjustment and i’m at risk of my psychotic symptoms coming back.

For you - stay strong, things can get better. Continue liaising with your pdoc. Be honest. I understand it is hard but doesn’t lose hope.

I like to post cheery, positive things which might lead you to believe I’m in a good place with my sz but that’s not entirely true. I just remembered I got sanctioned for being so negative once so I try to post on the bright side at least half of the time. The rest of the time I’m griping about my past, my age, or being on oxygen. So, go figure. You’re a good person, karl and you just might make it like others have.

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That’s really tough. I think I am OK to get a job some days. Then I realise my negative symptoms are too much usually. I am going to volunteer one day soon. Something easy that I can do when it suits me. I have my kids twice a week and it takes it out of me more than a full time job. No positive symptoms for a while now on APs. But the negative consume my life.

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