Ive started dealing with my anger issues by going to Recovery International support group and its helping me become more "pleasant"

Ive started going to Recovery International to deal with my anger. I started going about 6 weeks ago and I am finding it a good tool to deal with my anger and anti social issues. Its basically group therapy, with anything from 4/5 people to a dozen participants. We face up to our anger issues or whatever other anti social issues or insecurities we may have.

Im just posting here to recommend it to others who have these issues. Google it. You deal with all emotional issues from anger to anxiety to nervousness to any kinda emotional problem. But it has helped me CONTROL my anger. Im not exploding as much. The volcano is subsiding.

Hopefully in 6 months I’ll not be the same ■■■■■■■. I don’t want to give my mom and dad “my ignorant ■■■■” all the time.


i have anger issues to good on u for doing something like that!tc

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Looks good - let us know how it goes:


good on you, it takes courage to face up to our imperfections, i am still working on all mine !!
take care