I've reached a stage where I feel proud

I’ve turned things around this year. I started strong going into thesis research and my thesis proposal just passed last Monday with minor revisions. It’s on a stigma intervention across different types of mental illness. I really do feel proud of that and my grades.

I’ve also gotten back into actual fitness, regular running and boxing and advanced calisthenics. I’m pretty built, I was a chain smoking bodybuilder before.

I cut back to one cig every morning with the patch. I can run again and I feel healthy. I’ve changed my diet dramatically. I cut back to only a morning mug of coffee and none of that energy drink and coffee chugging crap.

I have also matured from being promiscuous and or drinking a fair amount regularly (codependent relationship with an ex) to hanging out with my three more mature friends who are responsible adults. We workout and eat together and sometimes have a drink at a decent hour.

I still have chronic symptoms, but my meds really help. The mornings and nights are difficult but it’s being seen to with professional help.

I will be applying to seven Ph.D. programs and one Psy. D program very soon. All in clinical psychology. My research today is a mix between social and clinical psychology.

I just look back at when I was in hard times and it all seems alright. I’m here, I’m okay, I’m studying and exercising and still finding room for social interaction.

Today a girl I met at a Halloween party from last night who has bipolar with psychotic features, borderline personality and addiction called me in a state of crisis. I managed to use the skills I have been taught to make it manageable and she told me that she’s home and fine a couple hours ago. That makes me feel good, actually doing good not just doing well.

I just felt like sharing. I started out on the old forums asking newcomer questions and I’ve really changed when I look back. The people who know me personally, friends, family, doctors, they all have seen me change.

Managing my schizophrenia is still the hardest thing I have ever done and I do it every day and night. I am not trying to belittle this illness. My profile of symptoms is the treatable kind, and I am lucky to have responded to treatment.

And never compete with others–compete with yourself. That’s one thing I have learned. Also, even your greatest dreams may only be memories one day, to be real.

It’s been hell but I am proud to have made it this far. I want to go as far as possible because I know I can.

We should all be proud, we’re survivors.


Amen. And … thanks for sharing.



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Congratulations mortimermouse!

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Great job @mortimermouse
Continue to do what you want and continue to help people also!

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Congrats for all your accomplishments mouse!

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great job mouse!

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thanks for your post here today. it is really great to read and encouraging also. I am glad I met you, even if only through cyberspace. judy


You are such an inspiration and I’m so glad to know you even just online.
I really think you can be the next Ellen Saks, and to show young people how to get up when they lose hope.


You are my man.

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Good job man that’s awesome

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Mouse you are a dude.

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You’re an inspiration @mortimermouse !


**Well done!!! :point_left: **


Wow, cutting back caffeine and cigarettes must have taken a lot of willpower! Congrats, you deserve to feel proud!


So good to hear this! Thanks!

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Congrats mouse :dolphin:

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Congratulations!

wow mortimermouse. i really enjoyed reading your post. thanks, for all the encouraging words to us all here. judy

You have a right to be proud. Normies don’t have to function with the symptoms we face. The fact that you’re doing it in spite of your symptoms shows a lot of guts.

Very positive as a forum member and reading posts of past I’ve seen you change. Your taking on a lot and I believe you can do it. Coz you know you can great job.