I feel i am recovering finally


I waited and waited to write this because I had so many problems (I still have some) but somehow I feel like I am well on the road to recovery.

I find that people writing on here with sz have been more than supportive, they’ve been kind and loving and wonderful. I hope I can learn to reciprocate all that wonderful stuff.



Congratulation Judy,you have suffered,maybe it’s time for you to enjoy and catch up time you have lost due to schizophrenia


This is very good news judy! Sometimes getting well takes some time - the signs are sometimes subtle. I wish you all the best


I have times when I feel I’m winning
but then I can suddenly dip downhill again. it is usually related to my monthly hormones


So happy you are feeling good Judy:))


thanks for all your support and for sharing with my happiness.



Just do the best you can. I’m glad we did some good.


i am really happy for you.
take care


That’s great news Judy, you deserve to be happy in this life.


csummers, we all deserve to be happy and I wish all of us the best.