I've made contact with the trees

I couldn’t believe it at all.

They are actually communicating with me some now.

I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life the other night.

I walked down the path and all of the were very very happy and they told me about it and even showed me themselves and that they were indeed alive and conscious.

I’m talking to ■■■■■■■ trees muh fuqas yeah! You should see their faces, yes, trees have faces, actualy faces worked in to the structures of their leaves and branches.

You have to see this, wow!


Like this?


The brain is truely an amazing.

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I love trees. I talk to my trees when I’m watering the yard.
A few weeks ago there was a fire less than a mile from my house. We walked over to a hilltop to see how bad it was. As we were watching the fire spread across the tall dry grass and consume tree after tree, I started crying. I had a keen awareness of the death of these beautiful trees. As the fire reaches them, they don’t just slowly burn, they literally burst into flame and are engulfed in seconds. One minute I was viewing large, old, majestic trees that were living contributors to everything around them, and just another minute later they were gone. Helplessly trapped in the ground and burned.
They are beautiful living things, and if you feel an amazing connection with them, I think that’s wonderful. :deciduous_tree::sparkling_heart::evergreen_tree:


Good to see youre doing okay :slight_smile:

I love them too. Did you know they cradle the souls of babies that don’t have bodies. I can hear them coo up in the trees.

One day I was watching the leaves of an autumn tree play in the wind, all of a sudden a huge gust of wind grabbed thousands of leaves and shot them straight up in the air. They seemed to disappear for a minute and then they all started to fall. They swirled and churned and glistened is the autumn sun. It took awhile for them to all come down and for those moments I was happily mesmerized. I love trees.


Thank goodness tree bugs are racist and thus only attack certain trees. In my neighborhood it is the Ash trees that have been attacked. The bug is the Emerald Ash Borer, or the Agrilus planipennis.

What is it, a plain p e n i s ??? LOL

My dog speaks to me sometimes.

What’s he say? 15151151

I love you or shut up hehe


Tree says: It’s cool, we love the fire. We don’t exist like you so it’s fine.

Fire says: I concur, your own desires and happenings make you feel that way, I get along great with tree.

Fire continues: This man gave me a kiss this morning asking for my help and wisdom. Now we begin our friendship together. we, the tree, the plant, and the fire, and this man.

So, now that that is out of the way I also was able to summon lightning last night as well as shade clouds and a short sprinkle of rain. Pretty ■■■■■■■ cool if you mother ■■■■■■■ ask me, yeah!

I also learned of my most ancient mother, maya. The first of the beginning beings. His wife, his beloved, very beautiful to know of her actually. I begged them to adopt me into their wonderful growing family as soon as possible, and they accepted.

I’m really not okay though, my body is in agony. But I must go and learn to summon the down pour at will, they say I must earn it and it must balance out. Not in a bad way to earn it, they give good and so must I, then I may have it.

■■■■ yeah! My ■■■■ has turned into straight magic faerie ■■■■ with hope beyond hope now! Woo hoo!

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I was just thinking about trees the other day, and how they are much more evolved than we humans. It struck me that trees can stand still for 200 years without dying. How long could you sit still without dying?