I've got a problem with nice people

Because I’m not one :joy:

I’ve met some really nice friendly people in passing recently and it makes me feel even more like the troll under the bridge that I’ve become.

I’ve begun questioning myself. Like should I fake being nice? That’s not going to correct the underlying problem.

I think the underlying problem is I’m bitter. So maybe I should work on that.

Nice people can mess you up lol !


I think its important to be respectful to new people you meet unless of course they are rude as hell. Lol


Some people are nice some some people aren’t you can decide to be nice or not that’s cool but you always have to be kind remember that

Think about it being mean is fine. Some people are mean. But being unkind is ■■■■■■ up

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Theres a saying that goes something like ‘you gotta earn respect’. Well i say thats bs. I think respect should be the automatic default between people. And to having received disrespect, that should be earned.


But yeah i know what you mean. Im like that sometimes. I guess for me its because i have social anxiety and dont want to interact with anyone in passing out and about.

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You don’t need to be nice. But that doesn’t mean you should be an a-hole.

If you are meeting new people that means most of them are trying to be at least polite.

If you are pushing some kind of personal agenda because you have your own personal problems then I say drop it. They don’t deserve it!


aw I’m sorry you feel bitter…that must be tough…I used to be very bitter about my dad growing up…better to let that stuff go…eat you up.

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I can understand bitterness, but you should let it be a passing thought. And think of the big picture.

In my country of 6 million inhabitants, close to 800 000 are registered with social services having some sort of disability. That’s not counting people who have retired and receive a pension.

So I guess what this means is life is a struggle for so many. Maybe that’s not what we see in social media etc, but that’s the real reality behind the smoke and mirrors.

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I try to be civilized.

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