I've formed a militia, our mission... protect the border!

the northern border that is…from arctic liberal commies haha :laughing: i know those canuks are up there plotting about taking over florida and raising the state income tax to 10% or lord knows maybe 20%. not on my watch mister, i know canada flies under the radar but we got our eyes on you!

and for the southern border, open it up. as that toby keith line goes “senoritas for my men, and beer for my horses” :rofl:

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Lol Canada is the biggest ally to the US, no way we will attack the US.

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I’d say both the US and Canada have their problems. Neither one is better than the other.

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I have a hard time sensing sarcasm, you’re joking right…?

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I nearly got shot in a Waffle House in Florida while on a business trip. Said restaurant was in a neighbourhood where every other storefront was a pawn shop or a bail bond business, which tells you something. The state is wretched IMO. You can keep it.


OMG there’s an idea!! Become a SECURITY GUARD for waffle house!!

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