I've been taking vraylar (cariprazine) for 1 day but I'm sick of it, why?

t was prescribed by my doctor today, I took 1 ot and after that I feel weird after a few hours. he told me to leave zyprexate gradually, besides, I was still taking amisulpride. help me please

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What do you mean by weird?
What meds are you on? Only Vraylar?


I have restlessness and anxiety from Vraylar

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This is what I had on Vraylar too

And will they pass over time?

Some people get these from partial dopamine agonists, Abilify, Vraylar and Rexulti. We all have different genetics.

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One day is not enough time.
You should at least be on the med for a couple of days to see how it affects you, unless your having serious side effects.
Contact your doctor.


It activates too much and I’m restless from it, I can’t go back to sleep. its the first day i take this medication

please help im feel bad

For me abilify makes me feel good and I can sleep… try melatonin

You should try reducing dosage of your medicines if they are giving you too much side effects

i have taking 1,5 vraylar

If you really can’t tolerate your med then I would contact your doctor immediately.
They may put you on a different med.

Like I said before I couldn’t tolerate even 1.5 mg of Vraylar.

Like you I found it to be extremely activating.

I switched back to Risperdal

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Vraylar, abilify etc like aps are usually give at the starting stages for mild positive symptoms. Over time it loss its efficiency and require more strong aps to manage positive symptoms.

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